Venice – The City Of Love, Art And History

Every romantic traveler dreams of visiting Italy at least once in their life. Because of its delicious cuisine and colorful history, the country has become one of the most attractive touristic destinations. Every year, thousands of people choose to spend their holiday in Italy. And at least half of them choose Venice as their dream destination. This city is unique and famous for the architecture of its buildings, which is why UNESCO has included it in their world heritage list of cultural and historical landmarks. Today, Venice is known as 'the city of bridges' or 'the floating city'. It hosts international film festivals, art exhibitions, as well as many other cultural events. Traditional gondolas and boats are still part of the transport system of the city and are a great attraction for the visitors.


Grand Canal 

Grand Canal is one of the biggest attractions of the city. There is no person who can resist the beauty of its castles, which managed to remain untouched during the centuries as a magnificent mixture of the ancient Byzantium culture and the modernism of the rest of Europe. Most of them are a reflection of Venice's glory in the past. Among the most significant palaces are Palazzo Barbaro, Palazzo Dario and the Foscari Palace Hotel. The famous Basilica Santa Maria della Salute is also there. Bridge of Sighs The bridge was designed in 1602 by Antonio Contino and it passes over Rio di Palazzo. By the time it was built, its purpose was to connect the court to the prison, where convicts were brought right after the legal proceedings. In the seventeenth century this prison had a very dark glory. This was also the place where the famous playboy Giacomo Casanova was kept, but thanks to a well-organized plan in 1756 he manages to escape. Surprisingly, today this bridge is considered to be the most romantic place in Venice.


Galeria Dell'Academia


This is the richest museum in the city. It is a home to some of the most famous and unique pieces of art, created by the time Venice was believed to be the cultural capital of Europe. Palace of Doges It is probably the most significant civil building in Italy. The Palace of Doges used to be a residence of the Main Doge for centuries. Visiting the different halls, you can get familiar with some really curious details around the most famous historical mysteries and events. At the back of the Palace is situated the Central Prison.


Ponte Rialto


In the very heart of the Grand Canal you can find the most beautiful bridge in Venice. During the years it has become the center of Venice's trading zone. St. Mark's Basilica This is the most famous church in the city and it is a great example of the Byzantium culture and architecture in the past. Because of its ornate architecture and gilt, Byzantium mosaic, since the 11th century the building has been known as Chiesta d'Oro or 'The Golden Church' . In 1254, the ancient bronze statues of St. Mark's Horses were placed in front of the famous cathedral. Later, in 1754, Napoleon sent these statues to Paris, but only twenty years later they were brought back to Venice where, after years of restoration, they were returned to the St. Mark's Museum. Today, in front of the basilica are exposed only bronze copies of the original horses.

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