Vacation Relation will be left to die!

Vacation Relation which emerged in mid-2010 as a way of finding out who might be in a destination when you arrive.

Now the team has decided to retire the original idea and return in the next few weeks with a different service, funding round, new engineers, and new focus.

Tripl is expected to launch in time for the summer season, founder Peter Sullivan says, by turning the Vacation Relation strategy into a wider service that incorporates destination services and local people into a user’s social graph.

The original Vacation Relation site will be switched off.

Details are expected to be confirmed in the coming weeks but Sullivan says the new incarnation “isn’t reliant on critical mass and provides added value from day one”, presumably by connecting users with a service or product rather than attempting mass tweet up-style collaboration between random travelers.

The company has secured $300,000 worth of funding from a number of investors in Europe and the US to kick start Triple, Sullivan says. Currently based in Sweden, Triple is expecting to relocate soon to New York.

Triple is also hoping to move into the B2B space, making the entire service available via an API for online travel agencies.

So the face of travel service is ever changing.

Be on the look out for Trips talk, we will have it completed by the end of June 2011.