Vacation Disatser

In common with most travel enthusiasts I spend much of the year thinking about and planning my future adventures. As soon as one trip is over it is time to start refining the details of the next vacation and before long I will get itchy feet and start dreaming of being on that plane. Most of my adventures happily live up to my expectations but there is always the prospect of disaster lurking in the background and my latest foray was the perfect example of how even the best laid plans can go horribly wrong.



I had been looking forward to my skiing trip immensely. As a complete novice I had spent hours on the indoor slope attempting to transform myself from Bambi on ice into something approaching competent and I was ready to test my new skills on the mountains. At first everything went well with a wonderful day at Tarvisio in Italy where I spent 6 hours tackling the kind of slopes that would have terrified me just weeks before. I was full of energy and up for the challenge but then things started to go horribly wrong.

Bad Weather

That night I suddenly became very ill and spent at least two hours hugging the toilet. The next morning I naturally felt dreadful but decided to ski anyway as I didn’t want to lose my precious time on the mountain. My partner and friends were keen to try Sella Nevea and so we headed over the pass only to find that it was snowing heavily and visibility was close to zero. After several hours battling the elements we were all wet and very cold which did nothing to improve my health! To add insult to injury my legs were killing me as I clearly hadn’t improved my fitness to the required level. We were all happy to retire to our holiday home and I felt that things could only improve but I was wrong!

The Car

I felt better the next day except for the agony of my leg muscles and everything seemed to be going smoothly until my partner backed the car into a concrete slab in the car park and punctured a rear tyre. I spent the evening standing by the side of the road in the dark and braving sub-zero temperatures whilst the tyre was replaced. Disasters usually come in threes and after the illness, sore legs and burst tyre I thought I was done with trouble but I hadn’t anticipated the grand finale to the trip.

The Accident

We returned to the house complete with a new tyre and ready for food. Whilst I cooked the dinner my partner started fiddling with my reading glasses and broke them! By this time I was becoming rather weary of things going wrong and was starting to wonder if we were doomed. The following day we travelled to a resort in Austria feeling that the change of location would bring better luck. Nassfeld proved to be beautiful and we all enjoyed a wonderful day on the slopes. As the sun started to go down we ascended to the top of the mountain for one last run down but as I skied over the final hill I was greeted with the site of the dreaded blue flashing light of the rescue skidoo. Lying next to it was my partner, clearly in agony. He had made an abrupt turn to avoid a fallen snowboarder and was clearly seriously hurt. A trip to the hospital revealed a broken leg and damaged ligaments, what a nightmare!


To put the cherry on the icing on the cake our flight home was delayed and I discovered that I had snapped by bank card in half! Some vacations just don’t go according to plan and this was certainly one of them. I am only hoping that we have got several years’ worth of bad luck out of the way as we have two trips planned for later in the year. What else could possibly happen?