United Airlines will Probably do better after Merger!

United will be utilizing of its merger with Continental Airlines by Keeping Alive its "Economy Plus" seating option to its first Continental aircraft on November 19. 

"Economy Plus" service, introduced by United in 1999, offers fliers four inches of extra legroom in the first few rows of the Economy cabin. Not Bad but still less leg room overall in comparison with American Airlines. The Continental aircraft will also boast new flat-bed seats in Business First, new touch screen seat-back monitors in Economy and Channel 9 air traffic control communications. Customers in both Businesses, First and Economy cabins will also have in-seat power outlets and on-demand audio and video. 

When available, the airlines offers the opportunity to confirm complimentary seat assignments in "Economy Plus" to customers with elite status in United’s Mileage Plus and Continental’s One Pass frequent-flyer programs.