The Ultimate Unexpected Checklist For City Travelling

As you plan the trip of a lifetime, your priorities may be to decide on destinations, activities and sights to see. However, have you fully considered your checklist before travelling?

Here is a list of the types of more unusual items you may need on your travels and are likely to overlook...

Contact lenses

For those with vision problems, a pair of glasses can be impractical and inconvenient to carry around in a full backpack. They’re very likely to be crushed or damaged in the bag or, if you keep them in a hard case, they will probably take up too much valuable space in your luggage. Contact lenses have been designed specifically for convenience. If you buy a pair of monthly lenses, these have been designed with a thicker material to last longer. These can be carried in a small case a little bigger than the lenses themselves, thus saving you space in your luggage. Simply buy a small bottle of lens cleaner and eyedrops to keep your eyes moist during the long days, and you’re ready to go!

Bug repellent

For city travels, you may not expect to be bitten by bugs. However, Mediterranean countries can mean hot days and humid nights and you just know that the mosquitoes love a humid night. Buy an insect-repellent in a roll-on form for long-lasting protection. It’s definitely better to be safe than spend the rest of your trip scratching at irritating bites.


When you travel abroad, some things just aren’t the same as at home. Sugar and milk are universal but tea can have a different taste abroad. Whilst it’s important to embrace the new cultures, a nice cup of tea first thing in the morning could be considered an essential. Stock up on tea bags for a treat on your trip. Also, if you’re staying in hostels, they may not have teabags or coffee supplied, so it’s always best to take your own.

Dry shampoo

Depending on the type of travelling you plan to do, whether that be a cheap backpacking hostel adventure or a luxury break, dry shampoo is an essential for long hot days. It’s just typical that on your 3-night stay in Budapest, the showers break and you have no way to wash your hair. Dry shampoo could be your hero in this case. Simply shake, spritz and massage into the roots for an instant refreshing boost.

Baby wipes

The limitations of plumbing systems may leave you stranded without a decent supply of hot water. It’s always best to prepare for this unexpected outcome. Baby wipes are a saviour here and can remove make up, clean up dirty flip flops and generally keep you feeling fresh.

Thermal vests

Some of the most popular times for city travelling are at the end of the summer season (September, October) or around Easter time. This means that although the days may be warm, the evenings can be a lot cooler and you won’t want to be limited to tiny pyjama pants in a cold hostel room. Thermal vests are ideal for wearing at night and as a bonus, you can save them for your return home when you may find the temperature to be a bit of a shock!

These simple items are often overlooked on travelling inventories. However, these seemingly unnecessary items could prove to be your saviours on your city travels.