The Typical Transit Hotel: A Notch Above Its Conventional Counterpart?

When the concept of globetrotting finally gained popular light amongst many a travel connoisseur, hotels sprang into existence in almost every nook, cranny and crevice in the world. Then as more time sped by and this industry of leisure heightened in terms of overall provision and competition, a more conceptualized range of themes then began to take effect, all in the name of fellow travellers, who, after journeying far and wide, required hospitality – and in surprisingly unique ways, at that!

Henceforth, enter one of those very concepts into play as of now: transit hotels. Also simply referred to as airport hotels in layman’s terms, these vicinities of abode have claimed all too many praises from many who have received the hands-on experience of staying in one while certain individuals who have been more inclined towards cynicism have merely entitled these themed sources of accommodation as ‘enterprise scams’; period!

However if you’re the kind of person who’s subject to making frequent visits onboard the cabin of a passenger jet (and that too on a long-haul level), chances are that you may have been ushered into one of these hotels – and received a welcome that would’ve been hospitable enough too!

Apart from the abovementioned predicament, the option of having a transit hotel for spending the night over prior to a flight that’s scheduled at the break of dawn is just splendid in order to avoid excessive stress from commuting to the airport amidst morning rush hour, and also save up on some undesirable downtime. What’s more, the coverage of a short distance also ensures that you get to load up on those wonderful zzz’s and wake up with a burst of energy to face the challenges of the next day, efficiently and gracefully – not something that you would receive in a normal resort!

Needless to say, there are many more amenities that transit hotels provide to the fatigue-stricken traveller; here’s the scoop!

1) Transit hotels offer amazing deals on long-term vehicle parking.

If you have nobody to drop you off at the airport and need to drive in a private vehicle, transit hotels offer great discounts on long-term parking in addition to round-the-clock security for your automobile, which is then easily retrievable from the terminal instantly after you fly back post your journey.

2) Transit hotels offer complimentary shuttle services for its guests to and from airport terminals.

Available 24/7/365, reaching the airport in ultimate comfort just couldn’t get any more versatile than this.

3) Transit hotels exclusively offer real-time flight updates.

From the atrium to the bar, larger-than-life screen displays are always active and in working mode to showcase all news on flights that are directly fed from airport databases in interest of guests who are passengers at the hotel.

4) Transit hotels provide convenient facilities to members of flight crew in-between rosters.

What with air stewardesses and pilots constantly prone to jet lag, the assignment of an appropriate lodging facility to these servicing personnel is best sought after in a locale that is in close proximity to the airport, nonetheless.

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