Tropical Rainforests of Hawaii

Although the contiguous United States may be rife with beauty, nothing compares to the magnificence and majesty of the tropical rainforests in Hawaii. These unique splotches of island paradise are home to endangered wildlife, distinct fauna, and breathtaking scenery at every turn. If you are thinking about heading west to this chain of islands, here are a few reasons you should check out the rainforests of Hawaii before heading home:

Vast Expanse

The broad range and monumental capacity of Hawaii's tropical rainforests are a perfect destination for anyone seeking refuge. The entire collection of Hawaiian rainforests cover an area of over 2,600 square miles, which is almost one tenth of the entire size of the island chain. Additionally, while some parts of the tropical rainforests of Hawaii lay close to sea level, others rise well above 5,000 feet, creating entirely distinct ecosystems due to the changes in atmosphere.

Species of All Sorts

Due to the ongoing efforts of a variety of forestry and wildlife conservation organizations on the islands, it has come to light that nearly 25,000 different species exist in Hawaii, with many of those residing in the lush areas in and around the tropical rainforests. Additionally, the tropical rainforests of Hawaii are home to an incredibly large amount of endangered species, offering animal and bird enthusiasts the opportunity to see rare creatures.

Peaceful Walking and Exploration

Home to many animal species, the tropical rainforests of Hawaii often become a cacophony of brilliant noises made by the chattering creatures. But this chaos rarely disturbs the ground below; because the trees reach such towering heights, the animals often reside in the leaves above the ground. This level, known as the canopy, is where a large portion of the creatures live, leaving the ground floor often vacant of fauna.

A Break from the Sun and Heat

Traveling to the island state of Hawaii offers you the opportunity to see brilliant landscapes, eat delicious food, and bathe in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean, but it also puts you in constant contact with the sun, allowing for the possibility of getting a sunburn in only a few hours. Once sunburn sets in, its persistent pain can be detrimental to the entire trip at large.

The tropical rainforests can be a paradise for those seeking a break from the relentless sun. Because the canopy of trees is so expansive, it prevents a majority of the sunlight from reaching through, generally allowing only 2 percent of the rays to touch the ground floor. This keeps the rainforests at a cooler temperature than the scorching sands of the beach.

Visit the Rainforests for a Tropical Vacation

Hawaii is a destination spot for countless paradise loving individuals, as it is home to some of the most incredible sights, food, and culture in the entire United States. If you are getting ready to head west across the ocean, make sure to visit the tropical rainforests to have the trip of a lifetime.

This article was written by Oscar Howard, who loves to travel.  When you’re in Hawaii he recommends Kohala Ditch Adventures to help you explore the island with mountain kayaking.