Travelling When Times are Hard

You would not think it but a holiday could actually save you money.  This doesn’t really make sense, does it?  Well, it may not be completely true but there is a way you can cut down on your outgoings considerably by going on holiday. However it requires one big thing: the ability to work online from any location.

There is a reason for the surge in popularity of online jobs and it’s not only because the number of “real” jobs has decreased due to the austerity measures in most countries.  Setting up your own business can be daunting but if you have a good idea or are really good at one thing, then going it alone can be a real help.  If you’re worried about your debt management, then starting out part time while continuing in your current job is a great way to make sure your new company is going to work before taking the plunge and you’ll also be able to make a decent double income for a while, which will help with those debt levels.

When push comes, to shove, though, you’re going to have to go it alone sooner or later and when you do, you’ll find a world of opportunity out there to tap into.

Work at Home

To be able to travel, the first thing you need it to get yourself into a good situation professionally.  If you can gain a number of new clients online first, then when you come to travel, they’re already there with work for you: cutting down on the amount of time you need to spend at the computer and not enjoying the sun.

In terms of your debt management, working from home will help you by putting a massive dent into your transport bills.  You may no longer need your car, for instance and by selling it you can fund your flights away, while the savings on the insurance and fuel bills will pay off some of your debt.  You need to be determined to make it work; otherwise you’re just going to fall by the wayside.  It’s here, at home, that you can put your plan of worldwide travel into action and, surprisingly, help with your debt management at the same time.

A Holiday that Pays You

The average fuel bill during the winter months in the UK has taken a dramatic rise in recent years, with quarterly fuel bills reaching more than £450 on average.  That’s a huge amount for someone with debt management issues, but how do you get it down?  Well, there is a simple answer: don’t use it.  This is where that holiday comes in.  By travelling away to warmer climes during those cold winter months, your fuel bill will be tiny.  If you also disconnect all your electrics before leaving, you’re going to save a fortune on utility bills: enough to pay for your flight tickets, for sure.

However that still doesn’t leave you in the positive and what about costs of living on your holiday?  Well, in South East Asia for example, the cost of living is dramatically less than in Europe.  It’s easy to spend less than £15 a day, often even less than that, on living and if you rent your own place you can cut the costs even further.  Then, if you just work a few hours each day, you can pay for your costs and save the rest.  While it may not seem like the most efficient method of debt management, it has to be the most fun method.  By working online and earning just £50 a day, you can put aside £30 or even more to take home with you and pay off all those debts.  In the meantime, you’re enjoying a nice break in the sun, away from the now obligatory travel chaos caused by a centimetre of snow.

So long as you have an Internet connection, you can work wherever you like and with the cost of living considerably lower in some countries than others, it’s possible to put away the vast majority of your earnings for when you come home.  It’s a pretty unorthodox method of debt management, but who said you had to play by the rules?  With your fuel bills back home tiny and your cost of living on holiday tiny, you can pour all your savings into ridding yourself of at least some of your debt and enjoying yourself at the same time.

Bob Emerald likes nothing better than planning his next expedition abroad and the savings he can make by working online, although he still recognises the need for traditional debt management as he suns himself in tropical climes.