travelling to singapore.


How i got there- I travelled to Singapore on a cruise holiday. I arrived at Singapore at a port called the port of Singapore ( original name). It was really rustic and had fishing boats, cargo boats every type of boat you could think of coming in and out if it, was quite interesting to see what stuff was sailing out.

What to see/ do- there is so much in Singapore and such vast cultural and ethical differences in every street corner. You can take a walk down tiger balm gardens or have a look around jurong Bird Park, which has thousands of species of exotic birds, huge waterfalls, aviaries and excellent restaurants. Or if you are like me then you will want to go to the East Coast Park where there are hiking and cycling tracks (even some mountain bike tracks), a marine theme park and even loads of beach activities that you can do.

When I arrived in Singapore it was my goal to go to the sky park. I had seen it on TV several times and I just had to go and chill in the pool on top of the skyscraper. This place is surreal, it’s really scary swimming on top, and you think you are going to fall.  I didn’t realise there is a casino, shopping centre and even a boat rowing through the whole thing. Truly surreal and a must go if you find yourself anywhere near Singapore.  This place at night time looks awesome, they light the whole place up with blue lights which reflect of certain parts and it makes everything around the building shine up and looks surreal.

Where to eat- Singapore is known for its famous chefs and excellent food, some of the chefs from here have absolutely outstanding knife skills, cutting thinned than paper! There are tons of influences in there food like Chinese, Japanese, Malaysian and loads of others and there are even different types of hybrid restaurants that’s verve thing like Peranakan style food, which is a mixture of Chinese and Malaysian cuisine. There is quite a lot of street food as well, people serving up fried rice dishes and doing fancy tricks flipping things and throwing things to lure you in to buy the delicious treats. I went to a restaurant called candlenut kitchen, it’s a fancy peranakan style restaurant and you must try the short ribs, so succulent and they fall of the bone. The fish dishes they were serving were extremely tasty as well semal petai prawns, these are served in a spic chilli sauce and they are so moreish. The price was ok too considering it is a luxurious restaurant I was paying I think around £20 a meal, which in my opinion was well worth the money.   

I travel on a lot of cruises and see a lot of the world. Singapore was possibly one of my favourite destinations because of its rich culture, awesome food and just a pleasant atmosphere. 


Beware of fake electronics

Buyers need to exercise caution while buying electronics from Singapore without bill, there are a whole bunch of China-made fakes out there.

Safest place in Asia

I easily rate this as one of the safest and well-organized tourist destinations. Never had any problem there even once.