Travelling safely by Taxis in London - Tips & Advice

London is considered by many to be the most exciting city on the planet. It has literally something for everyone; from all night bars and clubs to legendary historic architecture and museums.

Whether you are a local resident or a tourist; you need to be able to get around this great city. Whilst London’s public transport system is world renowned and ever stood up against the huge crowds of the 2012 Olympics there are still times when a taxi are your best option.

Whether you missed the last train, you are carrying valuables or you simply don’t want to deal with alternative transport methods; taxis are a great and typically reliable option. Taxi driving, like most industries is rife with opportunism; whilst it is heavily controlled there are still illegal operators out there. For this reason it is important for your safety that if you choose to travel by cab in London you follow as closely as possible to these tips:


London Taxi Safety


1.Use black cabs  

London’s black cabs are famous around the world and for very good reason. To become a ‘Hackney Carriage’ driver you need to take and pass an intensive course ‘the knowledge’. This level of dedication plus the tightly regulated nature of the industry means black cabs are as safe as they come.  

2.Pre-book private hire vehicles  

There aren’t always black cabs around and they can be expensive over longer distances, which make other taxi services an option. Always pre-book your taxis from a reputable taxi firm and never pick them up off the street. Licensed taxi drivers will have background checks and are registered; anyone can pretend to be a taxi driver.  

3.Ask for journey details  

If you have pre-booked your taxi make sure you ask the driver to relay both your name and the destination you stated before entering the vehicle. Unlicensed drivers often pretend that they are your pre-booked taxi in busy parts of town.  

4.Create a text or call network  

If you are in a group of people all going separate ways it is always a good idea to create a “got home safe” network. Each of you decides on a friend to text when you arrive safely at your destination.  

5.If in doubt – get out  

If for whatever reason you are unnerved or worried by your driver always try to get out at as safe a point as possible. Calmly ask your driver to pull over or explain that you need to get something from a shop – whatever your excuse, try to make sure your stopping point is well lit and if possible other people are around.  

6.Sit in the back of the car  

If you are travelling on your own always opt to sit in the back passenger seats. This adds an element of formality to the journey and also puts you in a much better position should you need to exit the taxi or make a phone call.  

7.Phone a friend  

If you are concerned or just want to feel at ease, try to call a friend whilst on your journey. This both alerts your contact to the fact you are in a cab and also highlights that now more than one person knows of your whereabouts.  

8.Confirm price  

A lot of disputes and subsequent altercations occur due to discrepancies between the price quoted and that charged at the end of the journey. If you pre-book your taxi always check the price with the driver prior to setting off.  

These tips and hints to having a trouble free taxi experience in London were brought to you by Elite Ipswich Taxis. Elite Felixstowe Taxis are a registered private taxi firm which specialises in long distance and airport journeys. Our level of customer care and attention to detail is second to none.


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