Travelling to Mexico or thinking about it?

Mexico is a stunning country and anyone visiting is incredibly lucky. With its gorgeous sandy beaches, fantastic resorts, bargain shopping opportunities and unique culture, it's a great place to spend a holiday. If you are travelling to Mexico, or even if you’re considering here as a destination, there are several things you should bear in mind to ensure that you have the best time that you possibly can whilst out there exploring.


A great thing about travelling abroad is getting to experience a new culture, and Mexico is a fine example of a country where you can enjoy a different flow of life. Embrace the culture where you can, pick up some basic Spanish phrases before you go and try and make use of them when meeting local people. There will be lots of excursions you can take if you are staying on a resort including chances to really get involved and mix with the culture and day to day life, so make the most of it. If you’re looking for a holiday filled with sun, sand and great atmosphere, Cancun is likely to be the place for you!


Shopping is a great way to spend some Mexican peso and Mexico has a lot to offer by way of unique boutiques and lots of bargains to be found. Whilst you probably wouldn't want to purchase any to bring home in your suitcase, you can find a vast array of exotic animals and animal-skin items to buy. Even if you aren't in the market, it would certainly be interesting to visit the shops and have a look for yourself at just what is on sale, just be aware that many items may not make it through customs!


You can also pick up a great many antique and ceramic items. Whilst these may seem very attractive, be careful what you purchase. Many glazed ceramics from Mexico contain lead and so should be avoided if possible. When it comes to antiques, it pays to know that antiques are considered the property of the Mexican Government and so any attempt to take one out of the country will most likely land you in trouble with the Mexican authorities.


This aside, there are still a great many bargains to be found when shopping in Mexico, just make sure you are aware of the rules and regulations before you part with your peso.


If you are venturing out of your resort and into the shopping areas then, as you would at home, take care to keep your money and your personal belongings secure. Whilst most people visiting Mexico will not encounter any problems, being identified as a tourist does put you at risk from thieves and pickpockets so ensure that your money is kept somewhere close to your body, preferably in a money pouch under your clothing. Don't carry all of your money with you, separate it out in your hotel room and keep it in different places so that if anything should happen, you won't be left without cash.


Mexico is a gorgeous place to visit, but its culture is quite different to what you’re used to. Do your research, stay aware and you’re bound to take nothing but fond memories away from your experience.