Travel tips for pregnant mums

So you have a baby inside your tummy and still you have to travel to your meet your dad who is in Amazon. You are supposed to fly in a plane, walk a bit, go on a safari jeep, swim across the Amazon river, get a sea plane from the other end, hike a bit and then finally crawl to the mountain top. Just kidding but yea, travelling while pregnant is sometimes unavoidable but you are supposed to do it safe and sound in a way that would not damage you or your baby. So before you make your move it is really important that you talk to your doc and tell him where and how you are going to travel and find out if you are fit enough to take the travel risk, if the doc says no then it’s probably not the best idea for you take the risk. Make sure your medical insurance and all the documents are in place and that you are getting a place of the plane that is really close to a bathroom.

It is important that you drink a lot of water and that you wear layers of clothing in order to remain warm and cosy while you are travelling. Travelling can really swell up your feet so make sure you are wearing very proper shoes and that you are carrying medication in case the swollen feet should turn out to be an issue. Keep the luggage as light as possible because you don’t want to be carrying any additional weight along with the weight that you are already carrying in your tummy. Take frequent breaks while you are travelling because you don’t want to be stuck with leg cramps or any other complication on the way.

It is not advisable to sit in one position for too long either; you need to walk a bit, warm up and stretch a bit.  Avoid engaging yourself in risky activities at all costs because broken bones are not what you want while you are going to be pregnant. Pregnancy itself is going to be enough work and you don’t need a broken arm or a leg on top of all that. So think twice before you do things like snowboarding and all. Even scuba diving can be pretty harmful for your baby because a dangerous increase in the Nitrogen content in your blood can even harm your baby.

Make sure you take lot of pictures because your baby is surely going to enjoy them when he or she is all grown up. The other thing is be ready to deal with the attention that you are bound to receive. There maybe people who are coming  up to you and start talking to your tummy and you might feel very odd but try to think in a different way and understand the beautiful difference here. They are actually admiring and warmly welcoming your beautiful baby to the wonderful world.  Keep all these things in mind when you are travelling and make sure that you enjoy as much as you can. 


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