Travel Tips to Norway

Norway is a beautiful country that’s usually avoided by tourists who don’t have a lot of money to spend. Most people who visit the country are retirees who have waited a lifetime to afford a trip to Scandinavia. Norway is delightful from all points of view; the people are extremely friendly and the attractions are endless. Planning a convenient holiday to Norway might take some time of planning, but in the end all your efforts will pay off. Have a closer look at the following travel tips to Norway, and you’ll be able to enjoy an unforgettable vacation. 


You already know by now that accommodation is not very cheap in Norway. However, you can opt for convenient hostel rooms, where you’ll pay on average $55 per night. Private rooms usually cost around $90, while a hotel room can make you take out of your pocket more than $120 per night. Book your stay online with at least two weeks in advance to get a better deal, and always look for accommodation facilitates that are not positioned in city centers.


Prices in fancy restaurants are not cheap and you should expect to pay up to $100 per menu. However, the good news is that Norway has plenty of fast-food eateries and convenient take-away places. Prices for such meals are around $10 per menu. A word of advice: if you’re still looking for a restaurant to have dinner but don’t want to spend a fortune, check the web for some tips. There are great bistros in Oslo for example, positioned away from the heart of the city, so you should definitely check them out. 


A train ticket in Norway can cost up to $72, depending on the distance you have to travel. Plus, the earlier you book a train, the cheaper the ticket will be. As far as buses are concerned, Norway’s surface is covered by a wide variety of express busses that connect most of the cities, and if you’re lucky enough you can end up paying less than $10 for a ticket, even though the usual price is higher than $36. If you opt for a double-decker, you’ll benefit from tea and coffee servings, as well as from Wi-Fi. Don’t forget the Norway’s temperatures are really low, so if you’re traveling with a double-decker you might want to put on some really comfortable clothes. 


The most popular activity in Norway is visiting the fjords. Most tourists are looking forward to seeing them, but common tours usually consist of several days, and their prices are not very affordable. However, if you plan your trip off-season you might end up paying around $50 for a day tour to the fjords. Besides, camping enthusiasts won’t have to pay any fees to enjoy an adventurous trip to the country’s wildest locations. 

If you’re fond of history and you want to know more about Norway, check out the museums. The capital, Oslo, is packed with fabulous places of interest where tickets are roughly $10. 


If you want to rent a car for your trip to Norway, make sure to choose a vehicle with an alarm system or car theft deterring, especially if the model is a more expensive one. Vandalizing parked cars is not uncommon in Norway, especially in the capital city but you can never be too safe. Tourists are advised not to draw attention by wearing expensive jewelry or clothing, especially in train stations, restaurants, hotels and airports. Recent reports have shown that the crime level increases remarkably between May and September, when the country is crowded with tourists. Remember where you have placed your belongings and avoid talking to strangers, especially if they’re in pairs, since most thieves who look for jewelry and credit cards work together in order to distract you.


Tourists who experience health problems shouldn’t be afraid because Norway is famous for its high-quality health system. If you’re visiting a large city, the conditions get even better. However, the country’s remote areas may be home to a smaller number of medical facilities and hospitals.

All in all, Norway is a Perfect Destination for tourists who want to be charmed by an amazingly beautiful country. Even though this country is not as affordable as you may wish, its tourist attractions are definitely worth the money.

Author Bio: Davis Miller is an eminent writer with interest in traveling, fashion, and technology. He loves travelling new places. He recently traveled Eastern Europe with the help of site which is expert in providing Baltic holidays.