Travel Deal Hunting For The Holiday Hero

Saving money is practically an art form. It takes a strong heart, a powerful mind and the body of a Greek god to do it right. Well, actually it just takes some dedication and an internet connection. But nevertheless, the best travel deals in the world are not just going to appear in front of your sun-deprived face. You need to hunt them down and slay them like the Holiday Hero you are.If you're looking to save really big money on your next vacation, you need to consider some new and unorthodox tactics. This is because the best travel deals aren't advertised - they're created by you. If you're willing to play the part of a travel agent and keep an open mind, you can save hundreds - even thousands. And the first thing you need to do is ask yourself the following questions:• Do I have a specific location / type of vacation in mind?• Do I have a specific time frame in mind?• How soon can I commit to a trip if a deal appears?Once you know the answers to those questions, you can begin exploring one or more combinations of the following tactics. Remember, you're hunting for deals, not waiting for them to come to you. Call Cruise Lines for Last-Minute ReservationsCruise ships run all year round all over the world, and every empty cabin is a dent in the cruise line's pocketbook. Open-minded travelers can take advantage of light bookings by contacting the cruise line directly and asking if there are any ships about to sail without a full compliment. The negotiations will begin at full ticket price, but a clever traveler can see savings of up to 50%. Don’t Just Pay to Stay – Negotiate!When selecting a hotel, lodge or resort, make sure you keep your negotiating power in mind. If you're traveling outside of the normal vacation months, you could find yourself practically dictating terms of your stay. Tell them you're set on the hotel, but just not sure about the rates. An empty room is an empty wallet, and they’d much rather fill it at a discount than not at all. Consider Renting Cars In TownA good money-saving tip that many people never bother to factor into their trip is the benefit of renting a car in town instead of from the airport. Airports know that they offer travelers the greatest convenience, so they use this as an excuse to charge more. Taking a cab to an in-town rental agency and watch the savings pile up.Let the Airfare Deal Determine the DetailsWhen the average traveler books airline tickets, they've already requested days off from work and booked their hotels in advance. This leaves them virtually no wiggle room in price and puts them at the mercy of the airline's schedule. A Holiday Hero, on the other hand, allows the airline's deals to dictate the details of their departure. By changing the departure dates, flight times and number of connections, you can drastically alter the price of your ticket - sometimes by hundreds of dollars. No matter what kind of vacation you're looking for, the best way to see serious savings is by asking for them! Just remember that you're the spender and you have the power. If the airline, hotel or resort wants you to stay there, they'll be plenty open to negotiation. Happy Hunting!

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