TRAVEL CHEAT SHEET - A Guide To European Cities

If you love to travel around Europe this interactive guide launched by Momondo will definitely wake your interest. Momondo combined insider tips of travel experts and locals on cities like Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, London and Prague. Whether you want to find out about the trendiest neighborhoods or the best clubs and live music venues, all can be found in this great travel cheat sheet.

Momondo's Travel Cheat Sheet

The guide also features some other great local knowledge such as phrases that help you blend in with the locals, suggestions on food and drinks to try and lots more. Follow this link and see for yourself!

Germany’s capital Berlin has not only a very turbulent ‘recent’ history in Europe but has also been discovered as one of Europe’s most popular and vibrant travel destination. Berlin’s art, history and nightlife scene is definitely one of the best in Europe. One that is hard to beat with nights becoming day and partying until the early or late morning hours, Berlin is with no doubt the new party mecca of Europe.

Amsterdam is a beautiful city worth to discover, best by bike which is as well the most common transportation option in the Netherlands. Go and explore the low bridges, the historic narrow houses and arching trees that inspired so many Dutch artists. Art has always been a part of Amsterdam, bringing forward famous painters such as Rubens and Rembrandt. And cultural aspects will not come to short with various events such as the popular Amsterdam Light Festival in winter.

Copenhagen is by no means a boring little city but a cosmopolitan city with a lot to offer. Whether it is the diverse culture scene, nightlife or excellent shopping opportunities, Denmark’s capital still manages to create an intimate atmosphere. Beautiful historic architecture mixed with stunning design, makes Copenhagen a must see!

Prague is an amazing city to travel too with amazing nightlife, themed bars on every corner and of course tasty Czech beer! Prague is often referred to as “the city of 100 spires”. Architectural splendour, from Gothic, renaissance to Baroque, you can find everything in Prague. The town has been branded by previous occupations from the Nazi’s to the Communists, but therefore a lot to offer culturally too. 

London, not just home of music and artists, is a very divers and amazing city with so much to do that you don’t know where to start. But one thing is for sure, London will cater to every niche you’re looking for. There are the Royals, a lot of history, free museums to see some of the world’s most famous artist, music events on mass, theatres, nature, music, fashion and that are just a few things named which might inspire you to visit London.

So let the guide inspire you even a bit more and see what you can do in each city after your sightseeing bus tour!