Top UK Destinations for a Stag Weekend with the Guys

Over the last few years, stag do parties have become intricate affairs in which the best man tries to come up with the most original idea to make the weekend as great as possible. If variety is sought, what better place than the United Kingdom? From end to end and coast to coast, the UK has just about everything that a great stag do weekend needs.

UK stag do destinations

*Bournemouth – During the day the guys can battle it out on a paintball battlefield, take part in motorsports like indoor or outdoor go karts or run quad bikes over adventurous terrain. Clay pigeon shooting is another option. Bournemouth also has seven miles of award-winning beaches to enjoy. Nighttime entertainment can start at a comedy club or casino and then move to some of the hottest clubs in the nation, especially along The Pier Approach. Finish up with the traditional lap dances at one of the city’s strip clubs.

*Brighton – This is one of the country’s best seaside resorts and has arguably the best social life of the southern coast. The city boasts having one pub for every 10 people, so if one gets boring there’s always another one not far away. Many of the same activities as in Bournemouth are available in Brighton, but it also adds a dog racing track and dune buggy driving.

*Newcastle – Whitley Bay offers plenty of water sport activities to keep stag mates busy during the day. Archery ranges, football fields and golf ranges also offer plenty of activities in addition to the usual paintball arenas and motor sports. The city’s redeveloped Quayside has multiple trendy nightclubs. Other top clubs to hit include Digital, Attic and Baja Beach Club. One of the best features of the city is the friendliness of the locals and the relaxing atmosphere.

*Newquay – Home to the surfing capital of the United Kingdom, Newquay welcomes five million visitors every year. The more adventurous in the group might want to go coasteering, which involves traversing cliffs and swimming into hidden cavers. Other daytime activities include beach volleyball, golfing, football, paintball and various motor sports. The city may not have the number of bars of some of the other cities, but those it does have are of excellent quality and very friendly. There are a number of top-notch restaurants from which to being the night.

When it comes to stag do weekends with the guys, few places have more to offer than the United Kingdom. During the day the guys can get their competitive juices flowing on the water or the land, and at night several UK cities offer the trendiest nightclubs and a plethora of. The hardest part of a stag party in the UK is deciding which city best fits the bill.

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Bighton, simple yet awesome

Though this place has not great to offer, it is simple yet aesthetically beautiful, best destination for quite and calm holidays.


I lived in Newcastle area for 5 years from 1990 to 1995 . For sure it has changed a lot . Quite like Quayside . Whenever I go to that area I stay at the Gatshead/Metro Center Marriott just across the River from Quayside.