Top Tips For Getting By With Less While Travelling - Tricks That Will Save You In An Emergency

Part of the fun of travelling is often feeling like a fish out of water – being without your creature comforts and luxuries, and having to get by without knowing the language or the area. That’s what makes you grow as an individual, what makes the experience feel like a real adventure, and what gives you that sense of accomplishment at the end.

Unfortunately it can also sometimes leave you feeling a little lost. When you’re in the middle of nowhere, starving hungry with no money and no way to call a cab things can get pretty hairy. It might be great when you look back on it, but at the time it isn’t necessarily as enjoyable.

With experience though, these situations become far more manageable as you learn the survival tricks and tips for getting by. Here we will look at a few of the best strategies that are known to travellers and backpackers to help get you started…

Carry a Notebook

Notebooks are incredibly useful in a vast variety of situations. Not only can you use a notebook and pen to jot down phone numbers and addresses, but you can also use it to communicate (if you can’t say the word you want, you can simply draw it) or to get directions from passers-by. Notepads have saved in on countless occasions, so make sure you always have one about your person.

Have a Hidden Compartment With Cash

This is one that everyone knows, but just in case you forgot – it’s always worth keeping a bit of spare cash in a sock or an inside pocket. This way if you ever have your wallet stolen, you’ll still at least be able to afford a taxi ride home.

Use the Toilets for Power

Running low on phone battery can be a dire situation when you’re in the middle of nowhere, so it’s fortunate that you can almost always get power from public toilets in built-up areas. The reason is that the sockets are needed for cleaning and that they’re provided for people to use hairdryers and the like. You’ll look a bit odd standing next to your phone/laptop in the loo, but if it’s your only way to get juice then it’s worth it.

And Cafes for Internet

And if you’re struggling for internet, you can always buy a cup of coffee in a café. Most cities will have at least a few cafes that offer WiFi and this will usually be advertised outside. Buy a cup of coffee, and you should be able to sit there and browse the web to your heart’s content. From there you can then quickly find a place to stay on couch surfer, or find the number of a reliable taxi-company.

Get a Kindle

Another way to get free internet when you’re in dire straits is to use a Kindle. These have free 3G internet all around the world and come with an ‘experimental’ browser meaning you can check your e-mail and even maps (very slowly) when you have no other access.

All these tips can help you to get by when you’re lost in another country, or when you’re just struggling to get to your destination. They’re not all glamorous, but when you get home you’ll certainly have a story to tell!

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Amy Sawyer is a freelance writer based in the UK. A regular traveller, she writes exclusively on the topic. She hops from one destination to another in an aircraft and has a lot of knowledge about the flying machine. Alamo car hire is her preferred choice though, when it comes to road trips.


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That's a great piece of advice especially how to easily charge your mobile devices. Thanks for sharing