Top Survival Tips for Travellers

When you plan your holiday, no one ever intends to end up stranded on a desert island, lost in the mountains or generally stuck in the middle of nowhere without food, drink or civilization. However while it might be a rare occurrence it does happen, and particularly if you've planned a travelling where you intend to explore and adventure on your own.

As such then it's a good idea as a contingency plan to know how to survive if you are lost and to know how to find water and food and how to pick a route to get home. Here we will look at how you can do this with some top survival tips.

What Are Your Options?

The first thing to consider is what your options are, and it is not smart to right away start walking and trying to get home on your own. If you do this and you should head the wrong way, then of course you will only make matters worse rather than better and you will start to expend useful energy. As such then you should look at all other options to begin with – that means trying to call someone if you have a phone, or trying to flag down a lift. Hitchhiking is not advisable under most circumstances but if you are seriously lost away from civilization it becomes a good bet.

Pick a Direction

Next you should pick a direction to head in, and of course your aim here is to find people who can help or a town or village where you can get transport. If you really don't know which direction is best then you can use several tips to help you here – one is to follow any running water such as streams as these will likely lead to the sea where you are likely to find tourist areas and generally more built up towns.

Another way to pick your direction is to look for any other indicators such as tracks from tires which you may be able to follow. Failing this if you can get some height – by climbing a tree or a mountain – then you can probably get a better view of the area and thereby spot something worth heading toward.


The most important thing when you're trekking on your own is to make sure you have enough water. Depending on where you are there are a few ways you can do this. Of course you shouldn't drink water as it is when you find it unless you want to pick up diseases – but you can either boil it or evaporate it before drinking the condensation that's produced. Of course if you have a water filter of any kind then this preferable – but unfortunately most people don't plan for getting lost.

To find the water that you can treat one place to look is at the base of mountains and steep hills. This often works because the water will run down the side of the mountain and will collect at the bottom. If you try looking under stones etc. around the base then they are likely to be moist.


For food you must eat what you can find, and of course the best options are animal meat or fruits and vegetables. Again if you are going to eat the former then you need to first cook the animal so it pays to learn how to start a fire.

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Accidents happen sometimes,

Accidents happen sometimes, people who travel should be prepared for accidents. If you are prepared, then you can manage accidents better.