Top Ski Resorts in Switzerland

While you will find ski resorts in various corners of the globe, Switzerland is one of the top destinations that come to mind when you think of a European ski holiday, and with good reason. It is home to some of the best slopes nestled amongst the most beautiful scenery to be found. You are certainly not lacking in choice, and here are a few top resorts to consider for a Swiss ski vacation.


Hailed as the greatest ski resort in the country, its high-altitude makes it a year-round skiing destination. If beautiful surroundings are high on your list of wants for your next vacation, this resort is located at the foot of the Switzerland’s most photographed mountain, the Matterhorn. Car-free, it offers a calm setting surrounded by nature. There are amazing hiking trails and plenty of other activities on hand, such as ice skating, paragliding and climbing. Nightlife has always been big here, and if you like to party into the wee hours of the morning, this is the place for you.

St. Moritz

St. Moritz is one of the most famous destinations in the country, and one of the most sunny, boasting over 300 days of sunshine a year. The views are majestic and there are great options for beginners and advanced skiers alike. The annual snowfall is dependable, making it a sure bet you will get some great cover during your trip. Be prepared to spend some dough as it is one of the pricier resorts around.


If you are interested in a more remote, quiet destination, Arosa, located in the eastern part of the country, is a good bet. It is teeming with history and tradition, along with 50 miles of terrain. With something for skiers of every level, it is a particularly good spot for the more advanced skier. It tends to draw a younger crowd and is full of contemporary architecture.


Verbier is well-known for its fun atmosphere and eclectic cuisine. One of the most popular resorts in the Alps, it can be quite crowded during peak times; the slopes are just as good in the spring, and you will reap the benefits of lower prices and fewer people. It has a wide variety of courses for both beginners and more experienced skiers; newcomers to the ski scene have a variety of ski schools from which to choose. Its vast array of non-skiing activities and nightlife make it a great all-around vacation spot.


This is a particularly good spot for beginner and intermediate skiers, with a bulk of their runs made for this set. It is one of the largest resorts in the Alps, but also holds the honor of being one of the most expensive. There are some budget options available, but hardly a destination to be considered for anyone looking to stretch their dollars. There is no shortage of upscale eateries, fancy hotels and trendy shopping.


If you want to ski the more advanced slopes of the Schiltorn, Murren is the resort for you. It is one of the most beautiful and its positioning makes it accessible only by cable car. This means it is free of traffic and a bit more isolated, which may appeal to many. This makes it a bit pricier as well. There is plenty to do in the Spring when the snow is not at its most bountiful, such as hiking and sledding. During the winter, however, it is has some of the best snow and slopes of any resort in the country.


Davos and Klosters are two nearby ski resorts that each offer a bit of a different experience. Davos used to be quite the resort in its heyday but it not as popular now, with the village being a bit rundown compared to other resorts. It is the larger of the two, with more hotels, restaurants, nightlife and après-ski bars. Klosters is a good bet for the skier looking for a smaller, less urban, more intimate getaway. Both cater to all levels of skiers, with plenty of runs for the advanced, intermediate and beginner.


This resort is located in the middle of the country and offers over 120 miles of slopes. The most popular areas are only accessible by helicopter, and offers some of the best helicopter skiing anywhere. Grindewald is a great spot for anyone looking for a variety of non-skiing activities to fill their time as well—it is chock-full of museums, golf courses and adventure sports. This is a good option for people looking for a more affordable destination. While there are loads of restaurants, bars and discos, the drawback is the loads of traffic typically found in the area.

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