Top 5 Tokyo Attractions

If you want a unique place to visit on your holiday, Tokyo is definitely a region to consider. With so many different tourist attractions, you can be sure you won’t get bored on this trip. This area is known for its beautiful gardens, island attractions, and various museums holding sights that you won’t see elsewhere. To help show you why this area is so special and unique, let’s take a closer look at the top five attractions of this region.



A city that’s beautiful simply in and of itself, Odaiba is a region that stretches across the ocean and is filled with indoor shopping malls, space panels, pavilions, game centers, cafes, and restaurants.

You’ll have plenty to do if you decide to visit this city during your trip. 


Senso-Ji Temple

The next must-do on your list if you plan to visit Tokyo is the oldest tempo site in Tokyo,Senso-Ji Temple.

This is dedicated to Kannon, which is the Goddess of Mercy, and is a replica of one that was built in 1692. It garners high numbers of visitors on a daily basis as everyone wants to check out the beautiful sight it has to offer.

It is situated right in the heart of a busy commercial and entertainment district, so after you stop by, you can carry on your way and check out everything else to take in located in this area.


Tsukiji Fish Market

If you’re suffering from jetlag in Tokyo, then why not check out the famous Tsukiji fish market in the early hours from 5am onwards.

This is the world’s largest and busiest fish market and may be an unconventional tourist destination but has proved to be very popular.

The fresh sushi breakfasts are a highlight here and you cannot visit without trying the local seafood, some of which seems unidentifiable!


Sumida River

Another local hot spot to check out is the Sumida River. This is the first waterway that was built in Tokyo that has long been a symbol of the city.

It has water and embankments that are great for commerce activities along with festivals, it’s still a sight to see any day of the week.

It also has painted girders and shackles of the older bridges lining the water way that date back hundreds of years.

Take one of the water buses out and sit in a floating bar to enjoy the site.


Ueno Park

Finally, the last area to check out if you choose to visit Tokyo for your holiday is the Ueno Park. This is an area that’s filled with beautiful artwork that will help you gain a better appreciate of the city.

It also offers entertainers that perform as you walk along the pathways, which detour between temples, shrines, famous cherry trees, and a magnificent lotus pond.

Whatever you choose to see, you can rest assured you will not be disappointed when you visit Tokyo, take advantage of the currency exchange ratesand book your trip!