Top 10 travel tips for teens and college students for a fun filled trip

Attention teens and college goers!! Do you have big plans for vacation? A fun filled trip planned out with friends on an exciting destination offering thrilling activities. Do you have your clothes and all the necessary items packed? Have you got everything and are all set to go… Think again!!  You may have missed out on a few important things to keep in mind for a fun filled hassle free trip. Don’t panic you don’t need to go searching for those necessities, just keep reading to ensure that you have all what it takes to have that experience of a lifetime.



1)      Research the place of interest:


Before planning out on a vacation one should always do a careful research to select the place that suits the mood and interest of all. Once selected, sort out the must visit locations to ensure that nothing is missed.


2)      Make Reservations:


Once the place has been selected ensure that you have made all the necessary bookings and reservations, right from travelling reservation to lodge booking. Pre- booking ensures that time is spent only having fun and not making arrangements. It also prevents one from falling into the trap of local thugs.


3)      Pack Carefully:


While packing for a trip one must ensure that one has kept all the necessities (an extra won’t hurt). Choose clothes according to the place and the mood. Always keep an extra dress (just in case!!) Also avoid carrying expensive or expensive looking items. Only carry electronics that you would need like camera to capture those priceless moments and avoid those that you can do away with like ipods, etc.


4)      Must Have at All Time:


One should always carry their identification cards with themselves. Make sure the mobile is fully charged (if possible carry extra pair of batteries for emergencies) along with emergency cash. Also always keep the necessary phone numbers like that of the Hotel where you are staying, travel agent with you at all times.


5)      Emergency Medical Kit:


When travelling in group always maintain an emergency medical kit with all the must-have medicines like for those for fever, stomachache, etc. If traveling to the coastal region or hilly areas, make sure to shock the kit with the necessary medicines.


6)      Careful Drinking (only for those above 18 yrs of age):


On such trips one must ensure that even in the feel of the moment one does not cross the permissible limit for drinking. Also always accept drinks directly from the bartender or the person known. And never leave one’s drink unattended.


7)      Experience the Place:


Every tourist destination has something to offer. Be it their culture or food or people. Make sure to have a taste of the local life, it would only add to your travel pleasure.


8)      Acquaint yourselves with rules:


Before making travel plans one must acquaint oneself with the law and order rules of the destination place since the rule varies from country to country as well as state to state when it comes to under 18 travelling without any adult.


9)      Local Language: 


While on a trip to a destination with native language make sure to know some of the key words for communication with the locals. Knowing a little local language helps travelling within the city a lot easier.


10)  Last but not the least:


After reading the huge list of things that need to be taken care, if you are wondering that after all this where and when would I get to enjoy the trip, and then we have an answer to that as well. Many travel agencies today have tour packages that cater to teens and college students. The destinations offered are exquisite and the overall expenses also fits into your pocket.



With these little tips you would be able to enjoy the fun filled trip with your friends and make it an experience worth remembering.


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You have written some very

You have written some very good tips. I really want to give importance to "emergency medical kit". You never know what will happen, a first aid kit can save your life.