Top 10 Environment Friendly Cities in the world

There are cities in the world which deserve recognition for making very impressive strides towards high environmental goals. Though the cities are not covered by nature, they have assisted millions of residents to live greener lives which are the best. The following are the top 10 environment Friendly Cities in the world cities in the world.


1. Reykjavik in Iceland

Since Iceland is the greenest city in the world, it is not a surprise that its capital city being the greenest city in the world. The government of Reykjavik has expressed their desires to become the cleanest city in Europe. Therefore, they have taken impressive measure to achieve that goal. Nowadays, the city runs green power which includes hydroelectricity and geothermal. In addition, the transport system in the city uses hydrogen which is very impressive.


2. Malmo (Sweden)

Malmo, which is the largest city in Sweden have already been transformed into its eco friendly areas by using innovate design. In fact, the city government supports the town to be green.


3. Copenhagen in Denmark

Copenhagen is a city in Denmark which has been turn to green heaven by its citizens. This is because its residents are very much aware of the environmental issues. Therefore, they prefer using the bike rather than the car. This is made Copenhagen to be one of the top environment friendly cites in the world.


4. Vancouver city in Canada

This is a city which is different from any other city in British Colombia because of its efforts to go green. They utilize its 90% of energy from renewable sources for example wind, wave energy, tidal, and solar energy. In order to keep the city green, the city has also developed a 100 year plan for sustainability though the city has more than 200 parking spaces.


5. Bahia de Caraquez in Ecuador

Bahia de Caraquez, is the Ecuador’s heaven for tourists. In 1990’s, there was natural disasters which destructed the city. With the assistance of the local government and the NGO, Bahia de Caraquez has been made sustainable. They did this by developing number of programs used to control erosion and to keep biodiversity. Nevertheless, they began composting organic waste from household and public markets thus supporting organic agriculture. The above efforts made Bahia de Caraquez among the top greenest cities in the in the world.


6. Sydney in Australia

Sydney is the first city which started the current earth hour. Moreover, the city was the first one to send off old bulbs and replace them with the new eco friendly light bulbs. Apart from that, the city has developed food waste disposal program which is efficient. Making it to be among the top greenest cites in the world.


7. Bogota (Colombia)

This is one of the greenest cites in the world because of the efforts of the mayor Enrique penalosa. By constructing all the sidewalks for pedestrians, the mayor created bust transit which is efficient and revitalized more than 200 city green spaces. In order to decrease the use of gas, he raised the gas tax. The mayor also began annual car free day to reduce cars which can destruct the environment.


8. Curitiba city in Brazil

Curitiba is an impressive city which is liked by most of the people in Brazil. This is because of the fact that there is efficient means of public transport. In addition, there is more than 580 square feet green space in every inhabitant.


9. London city (England)

The city became one of the word’s greenest cities through the effort of the London government. The government did climate change action plan by reducing Co2 emissions by 60%. Also, they generated 25% of the energy locally for the next 20 years. Another measure which has made London among the best greenest cities is giving incentives to citizens who are making efforts to improve the energy efficiency in their homes.


10. Oregon, Portland (USA)

This is one of the greenest cities in the world which created many green buildings and made pans to reduce Co2 emissions. In addition, the US government is trying to keep off cars in the streets. They have been trying this by building light trials and bike rails.



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