Tips For A Safe And Fun Adventure In Fiji

There’s nothing quite as exciting as preparing for your big holiday vacation, especially if you’re going to a dream destination like Fiji. With its beautiful beaches and rich culture, there’s never a dull moment in that island country. You probably took care of everything, from booking the best Fiji holiday packages down to shopping trip essentials. In your attempt to organise all the necessities, you might have overlooked some points on how to have a safe and enjoyable vacation.

Plan the Trip Well


Preparing for a trip involves a lot of patience and thinking out of the box. You should be prepared for anything that might come up. Anything can happen during your vacation, from an unexpected monsoon to cancelled trips. Here are some important yet often ignored information that can help you along:

  • Research about the country. This is going to be an easy task, thanks to the Internet. Aside from checking the top tourist destinations, you should also get acquainted with their culture and laws. It is part of every traveller’s responsibility to act according to what’s acceptable in the country he is visiting.
  • Talk with your travel mates. This is an important part of the planning stage. If you are going with a group of your best buds, it’s a lot easier to plan since you probably have common interests and are of the same age group. However, if you are taking the trip with your children or your parents, let them know what they can do and decide on the itinerary together. 
  • Make sure to book reservations and accommodations several months before the travel date. This is a good way of getting great Fiji holiday deals as the rates are much lower compared to those just a few weeks before the trip. It will also allow you to fully prepare for your vacation.
  • If you are not a seasoned traveller, check airline policies regarding items you can bring along that will make checking in at the airport fast and efficient. Find out about extra baggage fees as well. Carry-on bags are not charged and that’s the reason why it is best to pack light.    
  • Check with agencies regarding travel insurance. Though you are shelling out extra money for this, it’s important that you have insurance just in case you have to cancel your trip or have to recover lost luggage.  

It’s Time to Travel!


After all the organising and long conversations with your travel agent, the big day is finally here. In just a few hours, you will reach your destination. Hours before leaving your home, here are some things you need to do:

  • For parents travelling with children, let your kids pack a small backpack containing appropriate toys, video games or colouring materials that will keep them occupied during the long trip. Don’t forget to pack food and drinks for them as well.
  • As advised by travel experts, equip each child with an ID indicating your contact information. Just in case your child gets lost amidst the excitement, you can be sure that he or she will get someone to contact you.
  • If you arranged with someone to look after your house for you, remind him about your departure time. Ensure that you are going to leave written instructions and numbers where he can reach you in case of an emergency.
  • Call your cellular phone provider about activating roaming while abroad. Getting this a few hours before travelling would ensure that you are being charged appropriately. This way, you can be reached for emergencies even if you are not at your hotel.


Typically, the reason why most people want to go on a vacation is to avoid stress and just relax. You can certainly achieve these goals by following the safety tips above. Once you know that everything is fine and dandy, you can sit back, relax and enjoy your adventure in Fiji.  

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