Tips for Protecting Your Mobile Phone While You Travel

People love to travel. And they also love their mobile phones and really cannot live without them, much less travel without them. Whether you are going on an extended holiday or a business trip, having your mobile phone with you is important to remain connected to the people in your life and also to stay connected to important work contacts and files that you may need, especially if you are going away on business.

However, whether you are travelling abroad or within the country, there are certain precautionary measures that you need to take to ensure that your mobile phone will always be protected, safe, and secure while you are far away from home. Read on to learn what you should do the next time you plan a trip and do not want anything bad to happen to your mobile device.

Avoid Using Your Mobile Phone in Crowded Places

Thieves in crowded places, from buses to trains and even airports, prey on those who are using their mobile phones, especially if those people are distracted by their conversations and are making themselves easy targets. If you find yourself in a crowded street or station, keep your mobile phone safely tucked away in your purse, a bag of luggage, or in your pocket. If you absolutely need to use your phone, keep the texting and calling to a minimum to reduce the risk of someone running up and snatching the device right out of your hands.

Secure All of Your Personal Data and Back It Up

Before leaving on your trip, secure your mobile phone with a password to unlock it and make sure you know what apps and services to use to track your phone in the event that it is lost or stolen while you are on your journey. Log out of any apps and websites that you typically stay logged into on your device as well, to keep everything secure.

Before leaving on your trip, it’s also a great idea to back up all of your data onto your preferred computer system or cloud server, just in case anything happens to the phone itself while you’re away.

Avoid Wi-Fi Networks

When in a foreign country, avoid using Wi-Fi networks that may not be secure at all, especially if you are logging into personal emails and other sensitive accounts. Instead, use your mobile phone provider’s 3G or 4G connections if they’re available.

Purchase Extra Insurance to Keep You Covered

Not all insurance providers will cover your mobile phone if it’s lost, damaged, or stolen while you’re on holiday or a business trip. Therefore, you want to look into affordable and reliable mobile phone insurance plans, such as iPhone insurance from Protect Your Bubble. In the event your mobile phone incurs any damage while you’re away from home, the insurance will cover the cost of the repairs. If it’s lost or stolen and you are unable to relocate it, the insurance will cover the cost of a new device to replace your old one. 


This should be known to every

This should be known to every people while dealing with mobile phones. I also have lost my cell phone in a crowded place. I will definitely keep all this points in my mind whenever travelling with it.