Tips for Getting the Best Deal on Your Timeshare Vacation and Travel

Many people love holidays and vacation but some may hate the stress of planning and preparing for the travel. There are other people who have favorite destination for a vacation and may want to make sure that there are enough comfortable accommodations available. To ease the yearly planning for a vacation people may opt for timeshares.

Timeshares are kinds of residential property such as cabins, condominiums and apartments which can be purchased and partially owned by vacationers in a given period of time. This is a good investment that reduces the stress in booking for hotels, preparing for travel needs and other vacation planning procedures.

There are timeshares that offer packages that include one or two weeks stay in the property either permanently or for some time in a year. When planning to purchase timeshares, you can go to timeshare companies or real estate agents with good reputation.

Finding affordable timeshares can secure your vacation spot without the need to maintain the place. Here are a few tips to find the best deal on your timeshare vacation and travel.




  • Know what you need to avoid - Some people will prefer to avoid developers to save time unless when the deal is a close out and the developer wants to move for a new project. In this situation you can have great chances of obtaining great deals and discounts for a timeshare.


  • Check deals on a guided tours at timeshare resorts - There are occasions that many salespersons may offer discount on timeshare prices. If you lose your chances of owning a property during this tour, you may not lose hope of finding another deal because there are plenty out there that can even offer you better prices.


  • Use word of the mouth information - You may hear information from your circle of friends or colleagues at work and when socializing during community events. You might also meet someone who can provide cheaper rate for a timeshare with good terms that you may enjoy for the rest of your vacation.


  • Go Online - The internet can also be the best place to find all types of deals for any product and services and this is same with finding timeshares. Check for sites that offer bidding timeshare sales and rentals. Be flexible on your search and spend more time in looking for the best location for a timeshare to be comfortable during your vacation with your family. If you find an online auction, investigate the history of the seller and make sure you will not find any indication of misrepresentation and improprieties.


When selecting the best timeshare there are certain things you also need to consider such as location and the activities that you are planning during your vacation. Those who love skating and skiing slope side timeshare can be a great option while those who needs to enjoy the sun and the beach may choose a timeshare near the ocean like a beach house.




If you are aware of the time that you want to travel, a timeshare that offers a fixed week stay may work for you. There is also a floating timeshare where you can choose your own time into how many weeks you want to have a vacation giving you the flexibility to adjust your time anytime you want.

However, if you have set your schedule and want to change it for some reasons, you may want to coordinate with other timeshare property holders. Consider also the amount of money that you can share for a timeshare. Those that provide other extra amenities like access to a gym, pool or tennis court usage are great deals that you must get hold.


Author Bio: - John  is a full time real estate agent who had experienced selling luxury vacation club memberships like El Cid Timeshare.


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