Tips For Airplane Travel

Flying on an airplane is the fastest and most convenient way to get from one place to another, and regardless of how long the flight is there are ways to make it more comfortable. Sitting in a cramped seat for any length of time can create stress on your body, as does the noise load and the low humidity in a plane. Things like foam ear plugs and inflatable pillows can make a big difference for your comfort level.  Employing some of these tips can also make air travel more manageable, whether you're in the air for less than an hour or on a long haul.

  • Bring an empty water bottle with you and fill it up before you board. You can also buy bottled water at an airport shop after you've cleared security. The humidity in an aircraft is low and dehydration can occur quickly, especially if you drink any alcoholic or caffeinated beverages on board. While the airline will give you water upon request, you may have to wait too long. Drinking at the first sign of thirst is the healthiest way to stay hydrated. 
  • Purchase a small bottle of saline nose spray to keep your nasal passages hydrated. Viruses and bacteria thrive in low humidity. Keeping your nasal and throat membranes hydrated can give some protection against germs from invading your system.
  • A light blanket or jacket can keep you warmer if the plane is uncomfortably cold. Bring your own so you know that it is clean and you can reuse it many times.
  • Bring a pocket-size package of facial tissue with you as it is good for wiping up accidental spills or containing your sneezing and coughing. 
  • Travel or blow-up pillows can make you more comfortable should you want to take a nap or just rest your neck. Some people bring two and use one for their lower back.
  • Pack some healthy snacks, like dried fruit and unsalted nuts. Try to avoid those salty snacks that airlines pass out routinely.
  • Consider a sleep mask if your flight is long. It will eliminate any sign of light that may prevent you from falling asleep. Combined with foam ear plugs, you might be able to get some uninterrupted rest
  • Pack your own foot rest. You can find them at stores that cater to air travelers. They are lightweight and fold up easily. A foot rest lets you elevate your legs, which helps your leg muscles to relax. Changing your position and moving around a bit also helps you avoid muscle cramps, and in some cases, dangerous blood clots. 

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Great tips!

Those are very simple and practical tips. The saline spray usage is kinda of a novel idea to me and will try it out and share my experience here.