Technology Solutions for in Flight Entertainment

Gogo the airline Wi-Fi provider which was known as Aircell in the past is planning to come up with a new in-flight entertainment platform. Delta Airlines will be the first to have such a privilege and apparently American Airlines will follow suit.

Gogo already has many clients in the Airline industry as Alaska Airlines, United Airlines, AirTran, Delta, Virgin America, Air Canada, American Airlines, Frontier Airlines, and US Airways.

Gogo in-flight Wi-Fi services is used in more than 1,100 aircraft for domestic flights in the U.S., and the Illinois-based company rebranded to Gogo, with a new logo, in a bid to branch out beyond Wi-Fi and into the in-flight entertainment realm.The new platform, when fully developed , would offer streaming video, gaming, TV, ecommerce, flight information and social media.

Open table the restaurant Reservations Company has already partnered with go for after sales service to Air Passengers.

Gogo’s new platform will enable flight’s arrival information for gate number,  weather information, lost luggage, book a restaurant, and rent a car.

On the streaming video front, Gogo says it has partnerships in place “with major Hollywood studios and will feature recently release movies and TV shows.”

With the new offerings, Gogo hopes to expand its base beyond business travelers to consumers throughout the aircraft.

The platform so can be customized and branded by the partner airlines.

This confirms that partnership is one of the most convenient, cost effective and attractive methods of expansion.