Swakopmund And Walvis Bay - The Most Enchanting Destinations Of Namibia

Namibia is one of the famous attractions of Africa. It is surrounded by Zambia, Angola, Zimbabwe, Botswana and many other countries. There are several amazing destinations to visit in Namibia. Some of them include Sossusvlei, Walvis Bay, and Swakopmund to name a few. This article consists of some recreation and thrilling activities you could undertake while you visit Namibia.

Swakopmund, the old German town of Namibia lies in the heart of the country. The region offers an array of places for the tourists to eat, stay and do many other things. Adventurous, thrilling and recreational activities are organized every now and then for the enjoyment of tourists. Popular ones among them include dune bike riding, free fall parachuting, sand boarding, skydiving, offshore fishing, dolphin cruises to name a few. Swakopmund has a moderate climate. Rainfall is common in the months of July and August.

Youngsters could explore the nightlife of the region. Various clubs, pubs, party lodges have been launched in different areas of Swakopmund. Entry tickets are quite affordable. Discounts are available on couple entries, refreshments and drinks.

What to do in Swakopmund?

Swakop offers great seafood, plenty of hotels and wide historical buildings. You could surely spend a few days in the relaxed atmosphere of the destination. You could choose one of the below mentioned hotels to stay and relax:

  • The Stiltz
  • Cornerstone Guesthouse
  • Sam’s Giardino
  • Beach Lodge
  • Lagoon Lodge
  • Central Guest House
  • Hansa Hotel
  • Secret Garden Guesthouse

Specialty of the famous Walvis Bay, Namibia

Wetland birds are the specialty of Walvis Bay. You could find attractive bird species near the man-made salt pans, tidal lagoon, and pelican point to name a few. Studies have shown that the bay has Africa’s largest concentration of seabirds as well as shorebirds. Common bird species include terns, pelicans, gulls, African black Oystercatcher pairings and many others. Some of them migrate from the Pale arctic region every year while some are coastal residents.

You could perform many recreational activities in the bay like sailing, golf, angling, surfing, swimming, sand boarding and much more. Shopping lovers could explore the malls and shopping complexes in different areas of the Bay. Few restaurants located in Walvis are worth visiting.

How to select the best travel agency?

It is advisable to hire a travel agent, who could make all the necessary arrangements for you. Browse through the internet or take the help of your friends to find a perfect travel agency. They will take care of your flight tickets, accommodation, recreation and other necessary tasks.

Before signing the contract with an agency, you could check for their originality. Ensure that they have a valid license and experience in this field. Besides this, you could talk to their previous clients to gain more information about their nature of work. If you have any doubt regarding the services offered by the agency, you could contact their representatives.

Before planning the vacation to Namibia, you could check the weather conditions of the place. The above mentioned tips and advices will make your journey more interesting.

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