Status - Single: Fun Christmas Activities for Single

“SINGLE is not just a status. It is a word that describes a person who is strong enough to live and enjoy life without depending on others.”

Christmas is indeed in the air. Traditionally, we celebrate holiday season with our loved ones - enjoying sumptuous dinner, giving gifts and just talking. Holiday celebration is livelier and fun when you are with your family especially if there are children around. For those who are not yet married but have partner, their Christmas seems very romantic. But being single does not imply loneliness.

If you are single during this time, sadness and sulking should never have a space in your head (heart). As a matter of fact, holiday season is a perfect time for you to enjoy single life. There are plenty of activities you can do to make your Christmas celebration more fun and memorable even if you are single. Surely, these fun Christmas activities for single can create lasting memories.

Camel Trekking - Morocco

Do you want to celebrate Christmas in a distinct way? Then you should try camel trekking in Morocco. Many people love white Christmas where snow falls from the sky covering the surrounding. But if you are tired of this scenario, trekking in the middle of the desert is a good alternative.

Visiting the Sahara desert is a must try experience even just once in a lifetime. It might sound scary and challenging to take a journey in one of the driest lands on the planet. But riding on top of a camel trekking through the desert with seasoned and well-equipped guides could be worth it. Just imagine yourself spending Christmas holiday in the middle of the dunes. Indeed, you will have lots of fond memories to cherish forever.

Singles-Only Cruise - Caribbean Islands

Take your Christmas holiday into a different level by going on a cruise getaway. But do not just book for the typical kind of cruise trip, rather go for the singles-only travel. Yes, there are cruise ships offering trips primarily intended for single individuals. Caribbean Islands is a popular destination when it comes to cruise vacation.

Celebrating Christmas on a cruise ship will not give you time to be bored as you have endless of opportunities to mingle with other singles on the ship. Singles have plenty of options to have fun while sailing. Common on board activities include disco dancing, live performances at lounges or bars, games and more. But if you are looking for active travel experience either at the sea or on land, you may try wall climbing, ice skating or surfing. Every island destination has a distinct offering for travelers; hence, cruising is a surefire fun way to celebrate Christmas for singles.

Bar Hopping - Las Vegas

So you wanna stay in the city to celebrate Christmas. But it does not have to be boring just because you are single. Call up your other single friends and go to Las Vegas. As we all know, Vegas boasts tons of entertainment activities all year round. During holidays, Las Vegas even becomes livelier with more shows added to its list of entertainment.

Checkout different bars on the Strip where you can find live performances of any genre of music. Party all night all or until the break of dawn. This is a good opportunity to meet and mingle with other singles. Many hotels host different shows like opera and concerts. Meanwhile, gaming venues like Meadows Racetrack and Casino hosts varied entertainment selections including games, sports, fine dining and bars.

Want more? There are so many things you can do to celebrate your Christmas even if you are single. No matter how you celebrate the holiday, the important thing is you will make the most of it.


Image from Creataive Commons Licensed