South African Safari Highlights


I recently undertook a once in a lifetime holiday to South Africa with  We spent our time experiencing a Big 5 safari in the Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve which forms a part of the famous Kruger Park.  The advantage of private safari such as this is that you are guided by specialist guides and trackers in open vehicles which greatly increase the chances of catching good game sightings.  The guides are also allowed to drive ‘off road’ which allows for very up close game viewing making for fabulous photos and pure observation. 

Here are some of our highlights of the trip:

-          Driving up alongside a bull elephant and being so close that we actually heard him passing wind!

-          Tracking 4 lionesses to a watering hole enabling me to get one beautiful shot of their reflections in the water.

-          Revelling in the moment of observing a female leopard with her cub and the cub licking its mother lovingly. 

-          Observing a male leopard on a night drive.  He was very calm allowing us to take our photos and it was fascinating to watch the saliva literally pouring out of his mouth.

-          Seeing a year old white rhino suckling from its mother

-          The guide catching a brief sighting of a couple of rare wild dogs and following them to their lair only to be surprised by 14 wild dog puppies!  We spent 40 or so minutes in silent observation of these puppies running under the vehicle, their little tails flickering wildly.  It was an unforgettable moment. 

-          The game vehicle being surrounded by a herd of approximately 150 buffalos just as the sun was setting.

-          Enjoying the spectacular African sunsets whilst indulging in a ‘sundowner’ of an ice- cold gin and tonic. 

-          Seeing the Southern Cross in the star filled night sky.

-          Lying in bed listening out for all of the sounds of the bush particularly the distinct whoop of the hyenas.

-          Dinners under the stars and around a camp fire, sharing stories of the day’s sightings with other guests.

-          Early morning wake up calls (which okay weren't that enjoyable) but the anticipation of another new and beautiful day in Africa.

-          Participating in a bush walk where we learnt about the various trees, birds and animal tracks we were observing.

-          Totally falling in love with Africa…..


Safaris rides are mostly safe

unless and until you dont go about breaking the rules laid by the tour operators. Most accidents take place due to noncompliance and curiosity.

You have given some good

You have given some good details. By the way, what if one of the animals decides to attack? I may not go very near to those animals.