Some Tips to Renew Your Passport Quickly

Sometimes there are instances when a person needs to renew their passport fast. In some of the cases or most probably in emergency cases, passports can be renewed in just some hours. Thus it is depended just on the reason for which you want your passport to get renewed. There are several other reasons for which the passports, as well as necessary travel documents, can be renewed quickly, such as when you need to travel urgently and your documents are not up-to-date. 




For getting passport renewal on the same day, one should be aware of the following things:

  • Renew the travel documents:One of the important facts to know is that getting a travel document renewed in just one day can only be done through regional passport agency. One can renew their documents by mail also, but that too takes two to three weeks in getting the whole process completed and finally getting it renewed. This is not a good option to go with for those who are in need of the documents sooner. Thus, if you want your documents renewed at once, you can choose one of those two ways. 

  • Processing on the same day: One can select any of the procedures from the given two ways for getting the travel papers renewed on the same day that you applied for. One of the ways is going to the nearest passport agency and the other one is to hire an expediting agency. Thus the process you select will be depended upon how near are you to the local office and how much time you have. 

  • Contact to regional office: For getting things going on, you need to have set up an appointment at the appropriate regional office. You have to go over there with your necessary documents and requirements. At the time of appointment, you need to show confirmation to the security person and go through a security checkpoint. After you check in, at the appointment desk, you will receive a number that will be called out when your turn comes. By the time you wait, you have to complete the application to give to an agent along with all your supporting documents. 

  • Showing current travel documents: Along with application and all the supporting documents, you need to submit your current travel papers as well as two photos. If in the case your travel document has been damaged, you will not be able to renew and thus you will have to apply for a new one. For any change in name, be sure that you have all legal evidences that can show the change in name, like a marriage certificate. 

  • Evidence of travel schedule: Along with all the supporting documents, you need to confirm your departure date and for this you have to present your travel schedule to the respective agent. If you are travelling on the same day you renew your document, it is necessary to inform the person at information desk. 

  • Hiring a professional: If required, you can hire a professional expediting service. They will assure you and help you in getting the documents processed quickly. You just need to fill the application, provide necessary documents and just you have to submit it to the professional agent. 

Author’s Bio:Ryan Holman is working with Rush Passport since past few years and has enormous knowledge about passport renewal services. He also provides information and tips as to how to get passport quickly renewed by hiring professional agents.