Some Great Ideas For Things To Do Next Time You're Out On Your Boat

Being out at sea is a fantastic feeling that you really have to experience for yourself to appreciate. There are few other ways that you can possibly get the same sense of freedom and calm that sailing the oceans can give you, and when you're out there you'll be completely free to go where you please and completely left alone to enjoy your own company.

So the question is, how are you going to make the best use of this freedom? How are you going to take advantage of the gentle lull of the waves and the wonderful solitude and peace? Sailing is something that lends itself perfectly to be enjoyed along with a number of other activities, so let's take a look at what some of those might be…


Stargazing is another hobby that truly allows you to explore nature and to get some perspective. When you look through a telescope you are seeing thousands of light years away and right into the universe's very own past. Whether you are examining the craters of the moon, the rings of Saturn, or the Andromeda galaxy this is a fantastic way to get some perspective and to really appreciate the scale and the wonder of reality.

But the problem is light pollution, and when you try to get a good view of space from your front garden you will often be disappointed by the amount of light from streetlamps etc. that will make the job difficult for you. Out in the middle of the ocean however there is no such problem and you will be able to see the night sky perfectly. Note though that it is a little trickier to find celestial bodies when you are rocking around on a boat.


Even without a telescope however you will still find that it's possible to appreciate some pretty spectacular views while you are out at sea and many of these will be things you want to capture. One way to do this is with a pad of paper and a pencil or some paint which will allow you to create your impression of what you see. Don't worry if you're not very good at drawing - the point of a hobby is that you get better.

Photography and Other Art

Or alternatively if you really aren't happy to put your artistic skills to the test, then you could always instead opt to use a camera to capture the scenery perfectly and more quickly. If you get a good camera and take your time practicing then this is something that you can really get good at.

And in fact the view isn't only useful for capturing - it can also serve as perfect inspiration for a range of other activities. If you're interested in writing for instance, then there are few places where you will be able to get so deep in uninterrupted thought, and few places that will be so scenic to look at while you type away. Note that if you want to write and/or draw while you're at see, then you will need a table to lean on that's well positioned where you can see the view.


Or if you don't fancy creating great works of literature, then you can always take a book with you or a magazine and enjoy reading some instead. Again the peaceful solitude is perfect for really submerging yourself in a good book and losing yourself.


Of course a lot of people who go sailing do so in order to participate in a particular other hobby: fishing. This is an ideal hobby for sailing of course as it gives you impetus to find different patches of water and because it's innately relaxing requiring patience and quiet in order for you to be successful. A lot of people write off fishing assuming that it isn't for them or that it's going to be boring, but you should try giving it a go before you decide as it is deceptively addictive and satisfying.

These of course are only a few options for what you can get up to while you're at sea. You have all the time in the world, a perfect view and no one to disturb you. So what do you want to do with that time?

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The author of this post, Keith Rooney, is a part of the team at Wilson Marine, leading retailers of boat accessories in Australia. An avid rugby fan, Keith likes to spend his weekends fishing with his buddies.