Social Media Success Strategy

Social Media have become a focal point in online business success. There are some points that are worth adhering to as they will markedly increase your success in that arena.

1. You must engage members. Customers and potential clients are connected and interacting with everybody but you today. While creating a presence is a start, it is how you interact with people that attract them to you. You must go beyond the typical marketing of "follow us on Twitter" or "Like us on Facebook."

2. Know your limitations, concentrate your effort. You can not be everywhere even a significant part of the time and you really do not have to. Many Businessmen are excited about technology and they overextend themselves because they want to be part of the latest trend. The key is to only be where your customers, prospects and those who influence them socialize online.

3. Be yourself but you must have a Social Media Plan. The two magical ingredients to a successful social media effort are: authenticity and transparency. The only problem is that they don't really equate to a strategy. Rather, these two traits contribute more to a "digital way" or "guiding light" than they do as a form of effective engagement. Without delivering value, conveying a meaningful mission and vision, or establishing a connect-worthy presence, authenticity and transparency have nothing to reinforce.

4. Have a mindset and a road map to gain more customers. Some people run effective social media programs by listening instead of actually saying anything. But no matter if you converse with customers or not, you must have a purpose before you can engage. They want tangible value and through research, you'll learn what a desirable engagement program actually looks like. Don't get caught up in only replying to brand mentions. Your real opportunity is to also engage and convert those people not already talking about you.

5. Keep your fans always interested. It is interesting that most businesses believe that uploading a video to Youtube is the key to anything going viral. What they don't know is, 48 Hours of video is uploaded every minute to Youtube. The chance of your video going viral naturally is basically nil. However, with proper concept rarely do companies identify all of the potential influencers in their space and reached out to them in advance of and during the video release. They sought help to make sure that the video was shared. Remember though, going viral only counts if it impacts your brand. If it creates lift, leaves an imprint or if it drives action or outcomes, that's when you're going viral.