Scream All you Can: Head-Spinning Indoor Rides in Universal Studios

One of the happiest places on earth is the Universal Studios. This amusement park can be found in certain places in the US and Asia. The first Universal Studios theme park is in California. And eventually it expanded; other franchises opened in Florida, Japan and Singapore.

This theme park has enticed thousands of people - both young and adults. All year round, this amusement park is filled with a huge number of people. What makes Universal Studios so popular? Well, they have plenty of attractions, park rides and other form of entertainment activities. And speaking of rides, the theme park features thrilling rides that will surely lure you to come back. (I, personally, want to come back for more rides!

Rides are divided into different categories. Here are two rides which looked like blockbuster films because of the long queue.


The movie Transformers and its sequels caught the interest of many people specifically the kids and young adults. And so, you need not wonder why Transformers ride has a very long line of recruits (this is how they called those who want to ride).

Transformers 3-D ride sounds very cool. From the first time you step a foot inside the nest (the waiting area where people fall in line), you will be amazed with the entire set up. The ambiance really looks like an army headquarter with all the LCD monitors and electronics.

The scenario of the ride is that all of the recruits must be evacuated into a safe place as the Decepticons attack the city. Of course, the Decepticons will not let you get away easily; thus they will chase your group and will try to eliminate you. Obviously, the Autobots will not allow that and will protect you. The shaking, falling, twisting, going up and down as well as the firing during the war seem so real that you will feel the explosions. Indeed, it is one of the best rides in Universal Studios.

Revenge of the Mummy

Are you scared of the dark? Do you easily get frightened when you see creepy creatures? Well if you ride the Revenge of the Mummy, you might get a nightmare! Just kidding. This ride is perfect for those who want thrill and who aspire to test their courage.

What makes this ride very interesting? Needless to say, it is the impressive special effects (which I can attest). This ride is inspired by the movie The Mummy and its sequels which were blockbuster hits. The effects seem so real that you will feel the heat when you reach the part where there is fire. The crisp sounds also add scary factor to the entire ride. And of course, the ride involves extreme speeds, twists, turns and sudden drop that it seems like you were dropped from the highest building (I felt like my spirit was left). Riding the Revenge of the Mummy will let you scream out loud from the time the ride moves until it stops.

Universal Studios houses so many rides both indoor and outdoor. There are several other indoor rides in Universal Studios that you can try on such as Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey and The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man. However, not everyone may be permitted to take the rides. Most of the thrill rides have restrictions like not suitable for people with weak heart, expecting mothers, kids etc. Be sure to check the rules before riding to determine if you are eligible.

If Las Vegas has world class hotels like Palms Casino Resort and Hotel, tourists will never find it hard booking for accommodation near the theme park as they can easily find one. In fact, there is accommodation inside the amusement park. So if you are curious about these rides, you can try it and enjoy.