Private Flights -- Less Expensive Than You Might Think

Some people think of private flights as being as expensive as renting a Rolls-Royce, or living in a Beverly Hills mansion, but the truth is, private flights can be affordable to more than the rich and famous. In fact, a growing number of average people are using private flights these days.

Price is one of the things that is appealing about private flights

There are a variety of reasons that people are gravitating toward private flights as opposed to commercial flights. With private flights, you don’t have to spend hours in security, dealing with surly security guards who want you to take off your shoes and take away your water bottle. You don’t have to arrive four hours ahead of time just to make sure you get on the plane on time. You don’t have to worry about some knucklehead losing your luggage, sending it to Timbuktu when you are going to Dallas. With private flights, security is simple, and your bags fly with you, so you don’t have to worry about these issues. That will save you time, aggravation, and even your dignity.

You also don’t have to worry about being crammed in a tiny seat in front of a kid who kicks the back of your seat every five minutes. Or to have to deal with zero legroom, and feeling like you are a sardine. Not to mention having to put up sitting next to a chatty Cathy or chatty Carl on the plane. You also won’t have to rush around getting a connecting flight. No wonder private flights are becoming more and more appealing. It’s about being treated like a human being worthy of respect and comfort. And that’s priceless.

Private flights are more affordable than you would expect

Here’s the thing, though – while commercial flights are admittedly cheaper than private flights. fFlying on a private plane is more affordable than you would think. There are several reasons for that:

  • Private airlines easier to access: You no longer have to buy a private plane, or buy a fractional ownership on a private plane, to fly on one.  These days, you can find a private airline like Kavoo in which you can get a flight yourself without having to have a celebrity connection.  That’s much cheaper than having to buy a Lear Jet, obviously.
  • Prices for private flights have dropped: With the increasing use of private airlines, there is some real competition for private flights out there, which has dropped the cost. In addition, there are also travel websites in which you can even buy what is known as “empty leg” flights – the flight back if a private plane is only scheduled to travel one way. Social media and the web have also increased the access to affordable private flights.
  • Figure in the cost of travel: For example, if you have four people flying from Baltimore to Miami for a business meeting, you will have to pay for their flights, as well as their hotels, meals and other associated costs. In addition, you have to factor in their travel time into your costs – the time spent waiting around in the airport as well as getting a connecting flight. When you add up all those costs, private flights look even more affordable. Not to mention the fact that your employees can actually get work done on a private plane.

So if do your homework on private flights, you may discover that they are within your price range. Good luck.

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Yes...For health reasons

When my grandma was ill and we needed to take her to her Doctor back in Uk, we hired a private jet for this. It was the best options as grandma illness is communicable which will not be a perfect one to board a commercial airplane for. I agree the cost of a private flight isn't that costly when you consider the benefits.

Private flights for medical issues

I agree with you that most people on hearing Private thinks its going to be expensive. However, its not so expensive when you consider the comfort and time factors. I'll also suggest to anyone who is on medical emergency to another country or state within a country to make sure of private flights. Saver,quicker and more conducive.