The Port of Amsterdam reaches a Milestone.

Amsterdam one of the Largest Seaports in the World is expecting to Recieve 194 cruise ships that will dock in that One of Largest European Ports.The Netherlands is also estimating around  1,350 river cruise ships will berth there and Cruise through it's waterways.

 “Even the next few years look quite promising” says Hans Gerson, chairman of the promotions non-profit organisation Amsterdam Cruise Port. Last year  150 maritime cruise ships called into the ports of Amsterdam (123) and IJmuiden (27). These Carried around 277,000 passengers to the Area. So far in this year 2012 a milestone has been reached with 194 bookings, of which 154 are in Amsterdam, and 40 in IJmuiden.  This is expected not only to bring in more than 372,000 Tourists to the region, but also more turn-around calls – whereby Amsterdam and IJmuiden are used as starting and ending points – than transit calls for the first time.Interesting!