Planning Your Horse Riding Vacation

If you have decided to spend your vacation exploring somewhere at home or abroad on horseback with your family, it may seem like there are a lot of things to do to prepare in advance. While it is easy to book horse riding vacations where you have horses, guides and riding gear provided, it is usually best to think about what you will need to do on your trip and prepare before you go, that way you won't find yourself tired, sore or out of your depth after the first day. Here are some things you might want to do before your riding vacation:

Take Some Lessons

Even if you know how to ride, it can be quite a different thing to do it for hours every day for a week or two, and if you haven't been on a horse for a few months, taking some lessons can help you strengthen up the muscles you'll need to use as well as giving you a chance to get back into riding as a skill. If you and your family are of different riding abilities, for example if your children have regular lessons but you don't ride much anymore, then this can be a way to bring some parity to your riding skill sets and ensure you will all find the vacation easy to manage.

Get Your Gear Ready

Assuming you are taking your vacation with a good riding school or stable, you probably won't need to bring your own saddles, reins and other gear for the horses themselves. You should, however, make sure you have good, well fitting riding boots, hats and gloves so that you know you will be comfortable. While some stables offer loans of this sort of stuff, it tends to be best to have your own because sizes can vary so much, and if you are going to be in the saddle for a long time you will need to be comfy.

Research the Routes

While you probably have a guide or a teacher to take you where you need to go, it can be good preparation to take a look on the web at the places where you will be riding and to see which of the days of your vacation are going to be the most challenging rides. This will give you a better sense of what to expect on every day of your riding vacation and will also help you see which highlights are going to be on your rides so you know what to look forward to – especially if you are planning to take a lot of photos. The horse stables you book the vacation with should be able to give you an accurate itinerary for the trip and then you can use resources like Google Maps to take a look at the places you and your horses will be exploring!

A riding holiday can be really relaxing and great fun, but getting prepared in advance will help you make the most of it and have a truly memorable time! Of course, it is always fun planning for and thinking about a vacation, so start as soon as you can!

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