Planning a Romantic Getaway

Perhaps you have an anniversary or birthday to celebrate or maybe you just need a little time away to rekindle the flames. Regardless, it's always nice to take a breather from life's hustle and bustle to enjoy a romantic getaway with that someone special. Whether you're planning a sweet surprise or would like your main squeeze to pick up on your not so subtle hints, it doesn't require very much time or money to plan something fun and romantic. Here are some ideas: 


The "Stay-cation"

If you're in need of a little time together but simply can't afford to travel, this is the option for you. Ask a friend or family member to take the kids, whether human or furry, and check into a local hotel for a night or spruce up your guest bedroom for a different experience of home. A few candles, some soft music, and massage oil can make even a cheap hotel room seem very intimate. We often overlook the interesting things in our own hometowns because we grow accustomed to them but you can generally find attractions you didn't even know were present right down the street or in the local area. Try a restaurant you've never dined at, take in a production or show hosted by a local college or church, or search out a park you haven't explored yet. It can be amazing the things you never knew existed in your own backyard.


The B&B

If you think about a romantic weekend away, chances are a bed and breakfast may come to mind, and it isn't hard to find one that's across the county or across the country. These afford a great opportunity for something cozier and more romantic than your average hotel room, plus you can look forward to a delicious breakfast that you only need to slip on a robe and walk downstairs for. Many B&Bs offer packages for honeymooners or romance-seekers that can include such things as wine or champagne, roses, chocolates, picnic fare, or tickets to a local attraction. Many of these accommodations also offer off-season rates and specials, so consider traveling in a lesser-visited time.


Camping and "Glamping"

Depending on your level of "outdoorsiness," camping can be a great way to spend time together and save money. Obviously sleeping outside on a chilly night in a small tent requires lots of closeness and cuddling, plus it doesn't get much cozier than marshmallows around a campfire. Or if you aren't exactly thrilled about the lack of plumbing or the possibility of encountering a bug or two, you can always look into renting a cabin in a remote location, so you can still enjoy the beauty of nature but from the comfort of a structure with an actual roof (and hopefully hot tub!)



It might seem out of reach, but a short cruise can be a surprisingly affordable way to enjoy a few days away. With offerings from 4 to 40 days at sea, you can certainly stay gone for as long of a time as your vacation days and budget will allow. Plus you can spend surprisingly little if the cruise is all-inclusive! Again, if you travel during "off-season," there are really amazing deals to be had, so it pays to do your research. So throw something slinky and silky in your suitcase, grab a bathing suit and enjoy some quality time together!