Places To Eat In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known for many wonderful entertainments--nightlife, casinos, bright lights, card games, and circuses. The city never sleeps, and the fun never ends.  And, as far as entertainment goes, Las Vegas is the world's premier city. There is simply no way around it! But in addition to its many forms of entertainment, Las Vegas has another special offer: outstanding food. World-class restaurants abound in shiny Las Vegas. Here are five of the best restaurants in the world's brightest city:


The Italian restaurant named after the legendary singer, Frank Sinatra, is the essence of Las Vegas.  Located in one of Las Vegas's finest hotels, the Wynn, Sinatra delivers to patrons in every way possible. The food is dynamic, unique, and downright delicious. The ambiance is unlike anything you'll find elsewhere in the world. And the ambiance is truly that of Frank Sinatra. Sinatra has it all: the look, feel, and taste. That's what Vegas is about, and Sinatra delivers it with absolute perfection. When dining at Sinatra, you'll feel like you're having dinner with Frank himself! Lastly, if you're in the mood for a strong and impeccable Italian cocktail, then the bar at Sinatra is a spot you can't leave Las Vegas without visiting. 

 B&B Ristorante

Since Las Vegas is such a shining city, it only makes sense that it attracts shining stars. And that's exactly what happened at B&B Ristorante. The two B's stand for two of the most widely-recognized names in food: Celebrity Chef Mario Batali, and Celebrity Restaurateur Joe Bastianich. The two men with accolades that are only fitting in Las Vegas have developed a sustainable restaurant that accomplishes both world-class food and environmental responsibility. Environmental responsibility is not commonly associated with Las Vegas, which makes B&B's dangerously delicious food that much more exciting.

 Heritage Steak

Located at The Mirage Hotel, Heritage Steak is the latest creation of world-famous Chef Tom Colicchio.  Colicchio is one of the most accomplished chefs in Las Vegas, owning multiple award-winning restaurants in the area. Heritage Steak may be his greatest restaurant, as it features myriad delicious steaks cooked in the most blissfully simple ways. In a city full of flash and pizzazz, Heritage Steak focuses on the simplicity of the world's greatest meat, creating one of the best steakhouses in Las Vegas, and in the world.

 Golden Steer Steak House

Golden Steer is one of the landmark restaurants in Las Vegas. It's a restaurant that helped put the city on the foodie map. Once famous for being constantly frequented by the Rat Pack, it's still as popular now as it was then. Golden Steer is steeped in Las Vegas history and offers a delicious array of menu choices.

 Abriya Raku

In recent years, Japanese food has become so trendy in Las Vegas as to rival steaks. And Abriya Raku is Las Vegas's premier spot for authentic Japanese food. Unlike most places in Las Vegas, Abriya Raku is relatively small, seating only 48 people. So, if you need a spot to try out-of-this-world food while getting a break from the bright lights, then Abriya Raku this is your place.

Las Vegas is one of America's best food cities. If food is your beloved hobby, then you don't want to miss these five restaurants. 

This article is written by world traveler Oscar Howard.  He is excited to share the world with you, also recommends if you are looking for a condo in Sin City.