Pictorial Cities Of The World By Private Jets

Life is too short to enjoy beautiful scenic views. In life there are some awe aspiring and breathtaking moments which engrave in your mind for a lifetime. Some spectacles create a magic in your ride when you fly over the cities through your private jet. Take a look at some of these breathtaking aerial views of such scenic cities.

Astonishing Hong Kong: Hong Kong is the dream city for tourists. It has become a major hub for travellers for its scenic beauty amalgamated with economic prosperity. Fly over your private jet and explore the central district of the city, look at the two international finance centre of Servcorp, the view of the city from Victoria peak and the famous convention and exhibition centre. Hong Kong is identified as both the state and the city. More specifically, it is known as the special management area of the People’s Republic of China. It becomes truly special when you hire a private jet, and explore its mesmerizing beauty. Do not forget to watch the Hong- Kong skyscrapers, and the Hong- Kong lights which are the two second largest islands, while your flight lets you absorb the beauty.



Paris- France:Paris is always referred as the city of love, romance and lights. It has its very own adoption of street lighting. Within the modern touch, you can see its exotic legacy, as the view of twilight from the sky is amazing. If you are hiring your private jet, then do not forget to see the eminent world sites from a novel perspective. This includes the Louvre, Notre Dame and Arc de Triomphe. And there is hardly one person, who is not familiar with the Eiffel tower of Paris, surely if you are flying high, you can enjoy its beauty without any hassles.

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RioDeJaneiro-Brazil: Brazil is one of the most spectacular cities to view. When you are in your private jet aircraftof Icarus jet you can discover the metropolitan city resting between the Guanabara Bay and the leafy green mountains in the southern part of Brazil highlands. Observing minutely, you will see the shimmering Copacabana beach waters and white sands on the city side-front in the Caribbean. And, how can you forget Christ the redeemer, the well-known statue for which the tourists swarm in the country every year. Witness the Sugarloaf Mountain of Rio, and a magnificent sky view of Dois Irmaos Mountains with Vidigal favela.



Venice-Italy: The city of canals, bridges and beautiful gondolas! Yup, we are flying over Venice right now, which is the dream city of honeymoon couples. Renowned for its architecture, this magnificent city lies in the marshy area of the Venetian Lagoon within the group of 118 islands. When you fly over the city you will witness how canals and bridges act as gateways for passengers and locals. The airport of Venice Marco polo lies in the northern part of Venice, which means your private jet can take a good long route over the city and the marshy areas. You can take pictures of the gondolas which would look like mini wooden toys from above, sailing beautifully over the waters.




Zurich–Switzerland: Zurich is the largest city of Switzerland. It is located at the end of the lake Zurich on both sides of the river Limmat. The city is situated in the heart of the beautiful Swiss Alps, which makes it an exotic place to fly for the travellers. While you relax in your private jet, relish the scenic and breathtaking views of the upper end of the lake Zurich with a picturesque background of the Swiss Alps. As the flight moves look at the lower end of the lake, with hundreds of tiny houses on the downside. Then you can enter into the suburbs (from above), and see the city of Zurich and its centre.

With your private jet, you can travel all over the world at your favourite destinations. Just make sure, you don’t break the rules, and travel from the specific airports. You have travelled in the cities, now it’s time to travel above the cities.