Picking The Best Destination for Any Time of the Year

Travel seasons might leave one wondering what exactly this means. However, assuming one gets vacation time, when is the best time to take it? Where can you go to get the most for your money and make the most of the time you have? But most of all are you willing to wander to a foreign country say, in the rainy season to save a couple hundred dollars? Let’s see what my friend the travel agent has to offer.

  • Australia

Probably the first country our minds journey to is Australia. With its flip – flop climates from those of us in the northern hemisphere, travel times are sometimes more convenient. For example, a couple sets their sights on an early fall wedding to enjoy the golds, reds, oranges, yellows, mauves, and greens, but they really want a warmer climate for their honeymoon. Australia would be a great choice. There they experience summer from November to March and the rainy season from December to February.  Apparently, northern Australia may be quite hot and humid with severe flooding in the rainy season. In the south, however you will probably experience a more temperate climate, making this the better choice for vacationing.

  • Middle East

Another popular destination is that of points in the Middle East. In spite of political unrest in various areas, places like Dubai, Oman, and Abu Dhabi are still desirable. Of course you would assume that their summer months, May to September, would be extremely hot and humid. These areas may be so intensely bothered that as a guest, you would receive instructions to stay inside.

  • South America

While considering more exotic places to vacation, try looking into South America. Here the summer months occur from December to March, while the rainy season is from May to October. South America actually sounds reasonable when trying to make your plans…much like the U.S. This is because late spring and summer are usually clear with only a chance of rainy days. In the fall and winter months, the weather is much cooler and often damp.

  • Safaris

How about vacationing to southern Africa and going on safari? You might want to avoid December to March during the rainy season. As my travel agent told me, the best time for this adventure is during the dry season, when the grasses are low enough to expose the animals, but they also know the nearest watering hole and will gather there…a perfect photo op.

  • Nepal

Maybe you have heard about hiking, or trekking, around Nepal. The only thing you really need to remember is that the monsoons usually finish before September. Therefore, going sometime later, maybe in October through to November, and again in April are times to consider for this area.

  • Many More

It is quite apparent that the more tropical climates and points in Europe are not on this page.  The seasons in places like these are a bit easier to predict and thus make plans to visit. However, if you have time to do research, many times great bargains pop up in these areas around the time you want to travel. Not only researching the internet, but also establishing a good relationship with a local travel agent is wise and profitable. Being aware of what to expect while you are in a foreign country will greatly enhance how much you enjoy your hard earned vacation. Travel seasons are no exception.

Janet Kemp is a linguist and a mother of two. She works for Glovico.