Pet Travel Safety Tips

Many people view their pets as part of their family so they don’t like leaving them at home. Whether it is a cat, dog or lizard no one likes to be left at home. This has caused an increase in hotels labelling themselves as pet friendly hotels which in turns allows pet owners to bring their loved one on holidays with them. Not only do owners not like leaving their animals at home they don’t trust people to take good care of them so they would rather bring the whole family on holiday. Remember to be prepared with a Bag Of Cat Foodand any other supplies you will need I often travel with my Cat so if I reference cats a lot I’m sorry but here is my few tips to try and get you and your pet to your destination safely.

Pet Friendly Hotels

These pet friendly hotels and other competition are becoming widely available for pet owners. They have realised that people want somewhere than will accept their pets even if it is for an extra charge. In some parts of the states and Europe it can still be very hard to find accommodation for pets because the big hotel wont accept them but B&B’s are usually open to the Idea. I have travelled all over the world with my pets and the best way to travel with your pet is to do lots of research. Ring up hotels and find if they allow pets and this way you can plan your trip around that.

Flying or Driving

Flying and driving are all about safety so the same should be applied to travelling with your pet. You might need to invest in a Cat or dog crate or even a harness to keep them strapped safely. Try not to feed your pet too close to leaving because most pets become motion sickness and you don’t want that. Bring your dog for a walk before you leave because this means they might sleep more and wont have to go toilet for another whole. Make sure water is available at all time either in a bottle or one of the special travel water bowls. These dog water bowls are important for flying because you wont be there to give them water like you would in a car, these bowls should be available from your local Pet Shop


Bring your dog on a walk when you arrive because it can be stressful for your pet to be in a crate for that long. This will allow your pet to stretch out the cramped muscles and also become familiar with the new environment. Make sure you keep a good eye on your pet because they will be very curious about there new surroundings.

Make sure to do the research before you go and you and your pet will be fine.