Patagonia - An Adventurer's Playground

Patagonia – the southernmost part of South America, which is shared by Argentina and Chile – provides the perfect backdrop for an adventure holiday; glacial lakes, fast flowing rivers and the Andes Mountains await you. Whether you are keen to try your hand at some water-based activities - such as white water rafter, sea kayaking or canyoning – or prefer to stay on dry land and see the surroundings by trekking on foot or on horseback, you won’t be disappointed by the range of adventure sports on offer in Patagonia. Here we look at three of the activities you can look forward to in this magical part of the world.


White water rafting


The Futaleufu River provides a good choice for white water rafting for both families and the more experienced. A 9km stretch at the uppermost part of the river – starting at the Argentina-Chile border - with class 2 rapids provides a gentler half day rafting experience.  Meanwhile at the nearby Inferno Gorge real adventure seekers with significant experience can enjoy the class 5 drops along this stretch of white water. Not only does this provide an adrenaline rush, but further down the river from the Inferno Gorge there are amazing views of the Las Escalas Valley. Another set of rapids awaits you known as “Zeta” and the “Throne Room”. This second white water course is 22km long, so set a whole day aside to take part in this demanding, but fulfilling adventure.  




This is an activity where water sports meet climbing; if you enjoy both, don’t miss out while in Patagonia. Descend through canyons carved out by the rivers, experience water cascades and jump into pools of clear turquoise water. You will build on your skills in scrambling, climbing and swimming during this watery adventure; a wetsuit, helmet, harness and ropes are provided for your comfort and safety. Not far from where you will have enjoyed white water rafting on the Futaleufu River is the Canyon Gelves. After the initial half hour trek you can enjoy 500m of watery descent through this spectacular canyon, including waterfalls, water slides and zip wires; a single drop of 45m provides more of a challenge for those with sufficient experience. Further away is the Canyon Palenque, a more difficult course for more accomplished conyoneers; expect larger drops, longer stretches of scrambling and an overall more technical descent.


Horseback riding


Whether you want to see the world from horseback for just a day or spend a whole week trekking, Patagonia is the perfect place to take to the saddle; it doesn’t matter whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned horse rider, the guided treks on offer have something to suit everyone. Follow trails through one of Patagonia’s many valleys, meandering alongside a river; at times those more accomplished in the saddle will have opportunities to pick up the pace. Mountain trails present a greater challenge for those wishing to stretch themselves and put their riding skills to the test. However, an evaluation of your competency on a horse is generally carried out prior to commencing a trail to ensure that you are in the correct group for your abilities, aiding both your safety and enjoyment of your riding experience.

A word about insurance

Although activities such as hiking, horse riding and mountain biking are usually covered by standard insurance policies, more extreme activities such as gliding, high level trekking and wintersports aren’t. Canoeing, kayaking and

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