Nevada Road Trips

Few places in the United States are more visually unique than Nevada. Nevada's beauty is under-appreciated; its arid, desert feel is gorgeous, its rocks are truly stunning, and the sunsets are some of the most beautiful things you will ever see. From small shrubs to tumbling weed blowing in the wind to tall cactus plants, there's nothing quite like the landscape of Nevada. And, on top of that, there's not much that can beat the Nevada roads, either. Long, straight stretches leading through deserts before finally twisting through hills make Nevada a fabulous place for a long drive. And, of course, when you're driving in Nevada, you're almost always the only person on the road. So what do you get when you mix fun driving with beautiful land? Well, a road trip, of course! Here are some of the best and most scenic driving routes in Nevada. 

 Black Rock Desert

Black Rock Desert might be the most beautiful region in all of Nevada, and that's saying something.  The area is a visual masterpiece, and is recognizable to anyone who frequents the Burning Man festival each year. The Black Rock Desert region features copious amounts of lava and a few truly stunning geysers. You can drive to and through the Black Rock Desert from several locations, but the most fun is the drive from Los Angeles, which ends up being an epic 700-mile trip from congested southern California to deserted, beautiful, magical Black Rock Desert.

 Valley of Fire State Park

You may recognize the backdrop at Valley of Fire State Park from numerous car commercials; it's that picturesque and that nice to be driving in front of. The rocks at Valley of Fire State Park are unlike anything else you'll ever see in America. They are truly unique. The drive itself is only 128 miles, but you'll be driving so slowly to admire the view that it will take a very long time to drive the whole distance. Few road trips in the world rival the aesthetic of driving through Valley of the Fire State Park.

 The Loneliest Road in America

The Loneliest Road in America is the Nevada segment of U.S. Route 50, which stretches straight across the country from Sacramento, California, on the west coast to Ocean City, Maryland, on the east coast. The Loneliest Road in America got its name from a playful mention in Life magazine a few decades ago, and the state has embraced it, and for good reason. The Loneliest Road in the World may indeed be lonely, but it's also wildly beautiful in a rustic sort of way. The road is aptly named because it essentially does not travel through civilization; the road instead eschews towns for empty stretches of desert. The views along the Loneliest Road in America may not be as beautiful as the other two destinations on this list, but nothing captures the spirit of Nevada better than a road trip through U.S. Route 50 in Nevada.

 These are just a few of the top road trip routes in Nevada, a state that is prime for road trips. With fun driving and stunning landscapes, these road trips are the best of the best.

 This article was written by Oscar Howard, world traveler.  Oscar believes that home is where he hangs his hat, and that varies depending on the day.  He recommends driving only if you know the US traffic rules, to avoid a car accident in Las Vegas