Natural wonders of Sri Lanka

The small island country of Sri Lanka is packed with natural wonders. The country blessed with several sandy beaches, impressive temples and tea plantations amazes wanderers with its interesting wealth of heritage and natural wonders.

Perhaps it is why, demand for flights tickets to Sri Lanka remain high irrespective of the season. To give a better understanding of tourism potential of this country, here we are giving a lowdown on natural wonders of Sri Lanka. 




Sigiriya has found a place in the list of UNESCO world heritage sites. This one of the best planned cities in ancient times has Citadal, the water technology, symmetrical and asymmetrical gardens and the frescoes. The admirers of this place had also launched a campaign for inclusion of Sigiriya as 8th wonder of the world.


Yoda Ela Water Flow Technique


Yoda Ela Water Flow Technique is an engineering masterpiece of ancient times. The canal was made to provide water to the lakes of Polonnaruwa. It is hard to understand how the canal was made so precisely despite there were no trained engineers. 


Parakrama Samudraya


Parakrama Samudraya is the largest artificial lake in Sri Lanka. The lake was built in Polonnaruwa era by the Great king Parakramabahu. The lake is the life line of the people of Polonnaruwa who depend on this lake for their water and agricultural needs. 


The Trincomalee Harbour


Trincomalee Harbour is one of the most stunning harbours in the world. This fifth largest harbour in the world holds historic importance as it serves as the base for the Allied powers in the East Asia during the Second World War.


Hortan Planes


Hortan Planes are regarded as one of the best natural reserves in the world. Amazing landscape and rich biodiversity make it a hot favourite among tourists. The area is also renowned for being home to Bakers Falls, Chimmini Pool and the world's End. This region is highly frequented by tourists. 




Situated in Galle region of Sri Lanka, the coastal village of Unawatuna is popular among tourists for its stunning beaches and coral reefs. The area is inhabited by no less than sixty species of indigenous birds, including Herons, Terns, Sandpipers, Egrets, and Kingfishers. Some exotic birds can also be spotted here. Unawatuna Beach, better known for its coral reefs, is an excellent spot for reef diving, surfing and swimming. Availability of several hotels and restaurants further boosts its tourism potentials. 


Aberdeen Falls


Situated in Aberdeen tea estate, the 98 meters high Aberdeen Falls located in Kehelgamu Oya, a tributary of Kelani River, offers some amazing adventure options to tourists. The tourists can indulge in activities like trekking, sightseeing, picture taking and picnic. 


Peradeniya Royal Botanical Garden


Royal Botanical Gardens, Peradeniya has served as the pleasure garden of the last King of Kandy. The garden attracts more than 2 million visitors every year. Peradeniya Garden is home to a variety of orchids and other animal species. Spread over an area of 147 acres this botanical garden is a place to find several plant species. 




Ruwanwelisaya is famous for its Stupa built by the Great King Dutugamunu. The stupa is regarded as an architectural masterpiece. This is a sacred place for the Buddhist devotes. The area is frequented by Buddhists pilgrims. 


Sri Dalada Maligawa


Situated in the city of Kandy, Sri Dalada Maligawa is one of the most sacred places for the tourists as it is the place where sacred tooth relic is situated. 


Enamoured by these natural wonders, tourists from around the world often take flights to Colombo so that they could explore these natural wonders.