The mystifying beauty of Northern Pakistan

If you are aesthetically sensitive and possess certain degree of romance for nature, Northern Pakistan is where you can get the best of nature’s splendours. The place is studded with picturesque lakes that fill their surroundings with serenity, the waterfalls that artistically find their way down the mountain, the roaring rivers that symbolize ruthless power of the nature, the mountain tracks that will numb your mind, the tall evergreen trees that soar high in the sky and accompany you throughout your stay and the fresh air that whispers in your ear that its nothing but pure.

Northern Pakistan is enriched with valleys, jungles, tall mountains and various species of flora and fauna. I myself visited Northern Pakistan in my last vacations and found the region as charming and aspiring as a traveller can desire. I travelled all the way to Kaghan Valley to relish the natural beauty that the region offers to day-trippers. I recommend you to visit this valley as soon as you can because no words can explain the true beauty of this region.

Kunhar, a furiously flowing river, joins you in the journey towards Naran right from the Balakot, which is believed to be the starting point of Kaghan Valley. The river is known for its ice-cold and fast flowing water. The river is also an abode to trout fish. But for hunting the fish, you need to take permit from the authorities. Plus, if you have a forte for rafting, you can find few spots for rafting River Kunhar. Since rafting is not something very common among the people here, you can raft only at the spots where river is comparatively slow and less aggressive.

Moreover, if you love trekking, the valley offers various mountain tracks, which lead you to different fairy-tale places that will unfold their true beauty to you in a magical manner. Placid and calm lakes in the valley radiate different shades of water and create such pretty impressions that are likely to last in your memory for ever. The greenery of the place will make you realize that your visit to the Northern Pakistan is a real value for money. Before seeing it yourself, you can just visualize in your mind the sight of tall trees which have their roots grounded in the mountains and grow straight towards the sky.

It is recommended that you visit Northern Pakistan from April-September, as in the rest of the months you may not access all the spots because the road-link is cut due to heavy snowfall and sometimes land sliding. And if you are a good driver, I recommend you to drive yourself all the way through the mountains, but there are some spots where only SUVs (Sports Utility Vehicles) can reach. In addition to that, certain driving expertise is also required to access such spots.

All in all, the Northern Pakistan is a true spot which you must visit with your friends and your family. The natural beauty in these valleys is at its peak, as it has not been disturbed much by the human involvement or ironically speaking inhuman involvement.

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