Must-Visit Sites of Attractions in Karkrow

Krakow may not come to your mind in terms of  weekend city breaks in Europe but the city has full of history and beauty, it is a fascinating city covered amidst beautiful buildings that is set beside the Vistula River. Therefore discover art, music and museums, as well as the famous dragon when you tour around the city.

This charismatic city has one of the largest medieval towns square in Europe and plethora of hidden gems to discover that too from weird and heavenly Wieliczka salt mine to the church where you can hear the sounds of trumpets every day. Therefore check out the must-see sights in Krakow:

Wawel Castle

Visit Wawel Castle, which is home to Polish Monarchs from 11th to 17th century. When Warsaw took over the capital status from Krakow, the foreign power occupied and stayed in the castle. Several wars witnessed the different foreign residents and due to this there is a blend of several architectural styles in the castle as well as huge courtyard which makes it one of the cheap weekend city breaks in Europe.

Auschwitz and Birkenau

Take cheap Karkrow city breaks to visit these sites which should not be missed that takes you back to the German concentration camps that are a dark part of Poland’s history but still important. Take a guided tour to Nazi camp or buy a booklet to understand it. The signs in the camps of Auschwitz and Birkenau were written both in English and Polish. If you are not familiar with history then you can go for a guided tour to know about the history of German Concentration Camps.

Jewish Quarter

When you come to this place take time to unearth it which is an important chapter of Polish history, there was time when Poland was occupied by large number of Jewish population. Isaac’s Synagogue is one of the oldest Jewish Quarter that dates back to 1638 that houses media presentation of life and history of Polish Jews. Later it largely became a student hangout place which is often recommended by locals for its awesome food and one of the cheap short breaks Karkrow.

Wieliczka Salt Mine

The Wieliczka Salt Mine began its operations somewhere in 1040 and was in operation for several centuries before closing as an active mine and a place of attraction for tourist. Catholic services took place in the mines due to the amount of time Catholic miners took to leave and return to the mine for their daily religious devotion. The mine has several carved cathedrals and statues which are simply beautiful to behold while holidaying in Karkrow.

Krakow Market Square

It is the largest medieval market place in Europe and is largely dominated by Cloth Market that was established in 1555. The Town Hall Tower is one of the greatest attractions to visit in Square Market. There are several beautiful churches and ancient buildings that can also be visited.

St. Mary’s Church

This is an intriguing spiritual trip so stop over at St. Mary’s to add to your list during Krakow visit. It is home to oldest Gothic wooden altar in Europe as the church was built over the remains of an old Romanesque church sometime between the 12th and 13th century. It is open daily for spectators and viewers because the life size figures depict, death, crowning of Virgin Mary and assumption.

Summary: Karkrow in all respects is a charming city and growing into one of the prominent short city breaks in Europe and of the beautiful showpieces with majestic architectural monuments, cultural treasures, cobbled thoroughfares, courtyards, priceless artworks and legendary beer cellars and gardens.