Must-Do Checklist of Things to Do When Enjoying Your Haiti Vacation

Assuredly, if you are planning a Haiti vacation, you certainly have a few destinations, attractions and regions in mind that are planned for your pending trip. However, that does not mean that you can’t always add more fantastic options to your existing list. After all, it never hurts to have as many entries on your to-see list as possible to make the most of your hard earned vacation dollar. So before you pack your bags and head to the airport to catch your international flight to this tourist destination, be sure you take some notes off this checklist to really up the candor of places to see and things to do when enjoying a well deserved Haiti vacation.

Try the Amazing Foods

Haiti is a culturally rich destination that features some of the most eclectic inter-mixings of culture that you will find anywhere. Influenced by both the French and the Spanish alike, the foods here offer a unique culmination of spices and preparation as well constituents that are not found anywhere else in the world today. As the years have passed, these cultural influences have become engrained in the Haitian society. Foods include influences from African, French, Spanish and American cuisines, yet are entirely of their regional origins, too.

Immerse with the Vibrant Culture

While here, expect things to be different from a cultural standpoint. The Haitian people have endured throughout history, first fighting with the French, then the Spanish, and ultimately claiming their own sovereign nation. A few recent natural disasters have left this struggling country destitute in recent times, meaning that you should expect a third-world setting here. The peoples are friendly, welcoming and inviting to tourists, provided that ample respect and cultural dignity is adhered to. The vibrant culture here also greatly embraces the Voodoo religion, and it is widely in practice here during the present day.

Enjoy Signature Drinks

If you like to enjoy cocktails, which are typically on the menu for most tourists on a Haiti vacation, you are in for a delight here. The Haitians make a few distinct lines of signature drinks that cannot be found anywhere else. If considering beer when here, opt for the popular Prestige. If rum is your fancy, don’t overlook the domestically made Barbancourt 5 Star. And if you really want to whet your palate, request a specialty milkshake called the Papye.

Stay at the Labadee

Considered the most impeccable resort in the entire nation, the Labadee is a private five-star resort that’s actually managed by Royal Caribbean International (the popular cruise line). While a costlier option, this all-inclusive resort features its own private beaches, tourist guides and vendors, and just about everything and anything that you could ever dream of wanting when on a Haiti vacation.

Visit During Rah-rah Season

To really get a taste of the Voodoo culture, visit during Rah-rah Season. Each night is filled with song, dance and cultural recanting of historical tales. The streets become filled with pedestrians wearing elaborate headdresses and culturally significant clothing, as drummers create a crescendo of beats in the background while dancers in skirts show pride with colorful banners they carry in celebration of this holy season.

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