Munich: City of Maestros, Magic and Monsters

When you arrive at the Munich Airport, remember that the city of Munich, Germany is known for being one of the centers of the world in the 18th Century in music and art. A trip to Munich on your vacation will be one of maestros, magic and monsters. Make sure you book your rental car in advance as this will save you considerable on the bus tours to areas you can easily get to in a car. Let’s look at a breakdown of a great day in Munich.


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born near Munich in the town of Salzburg in 1756.  Take your rental car over to Salzburg and visit the Hagenauer House where Mozart was born. The museum includes a tour of the room that Mozart was born in and has on display many of Mozart’s early instruments, paintings of him and his family and other exhibits. Mozart wasn’t the only composer to call Munich home, others include Orlando di Lasso, Richard Wagner and Gustav Mahler.

You can drive your rental car to the museums, concert halls and historical sights where these music legends made an impact on the history and culture of their day. But Munich isn’t only known for music. Some of the most beautiful towns and castles built in medieval ages are located here and many of them are found located on the Romantic Road.


Take a tour of medieval castles, stroll through villages that haven’t changed in a thousand years on the aptly named, Romantic Road. You could take a day tour bus, but you will have more freedom and time to experience the past with a rented car. Leave Munich and travel long the Romantic Road towards Harburg and Rothenburg. While the bus tour groups are busily packing into the restaurants, you can take your time in the shops, and when the restaurants have been vacated by the rushing tourists you can take a seat where you wish. While in Rothenburg, visit the Kathe Wolhfahrt Christmas store to find the best in ornaments, and of course, nutcrackers.

And what Munich magic would be complete without beer. Yes, it’s the original home of the Oktoberfest Celebration. It is the celebration that is imitated throughout the world, but is never the same. If your trip to Munich is in October, and why wouldn’t it be, you will enjoy the hundreds of beer vendors and will probably want to leave your rental car safely parked at the hotel. Take a cab.


The Munich Ghost Walking Tour is a two hour trip into Munich’s dark side. You will learn of the early medieval practices of torture and murder that at one time were very common in the city. You may visit Marienplatz Central Square where there were public witch burnings and executions. After listening to the tales of the horrific things that happened, visit the graveyard where these poor souls were buried and listen for the ghosts to speak from their graves and tell you exactly what they think. Make sure you take someone with you, so you can hold their hand.

This was a guest post left by Aronno, a writer and travel lover. Munich is a city of maestros, magic and monsters and is best seen through renting a car upon arriving. The best place to get one is at Flughafen münchen or the Munich Airport. If you want the best experience, plan your trip in October so you can take part in the Oktoberfest.