The Most Romantic Places In London To Take Her On That Important Date

If you’re in a relationship, is there any day of the year that puts more pressure on you to be thoughtful and romantic than February 14th? You know that your beau’s going to be comparing notes with their friends to see how their respective days and evenings rank against each other, so this is the time to pull out all the stops to demonstrate how much you love them.

If you decided to take your loved one for a romantic weekend in London, you have a good starting point! In one of the greatest cities in the world and with fantastic accommodation options and transport links, it’s not difficult to find a number of memorable activities to suit both your interests and turn this Valentine’s Day into the benchmark by which all future Valentine’s Days will be measured and tossed aside!

  • Theatre: The West End is the most famous theatrical district in the world, with Shakespeare adaptations, revivals of Mamet, Beckett or Bennett and some of the best-loved musicals including the recent Spice Girls-based Viva Forever!, attracting some of the most talented actors and actresses currently working.London theatre poster
    • Restaurants: Why not splash out on the mother of all meals at one of the capital’s Michelin-starred celebrity haunts, like The Ivy or Zuma? Or, go for a more refined option like the classic high tea at the Ritz.

     london ritz hotel

    • Bird’s-eye-view: There’s something irresistibly romantic about being high up and looking out over the lights of a city at night, and London has two options for couples to book this Valentine’s Day. The London Eye, which provides panoramic views across the city all the way up to Wembley Stadium, and the Shard, formerly the tallest building in Europe.
    • london eye at night
  • Bars: If you fancy something a bit simpler but with a twist, the city boasts hundreds of watering holes that put their own spin on drinking – try Kanaloa in Chancery Lane for a night in a tropical paradise or the cheesetastic DJ bar Strawberry Moons in Oxford Circus for a night to remember (or not, if you’ve drunk more than you should have!). 

Strawberry Moons, Mayfair, W1 A bar just off Regent St.

  • Romantic stroll: This is a bit of a cop-out because it’s free, so try beginning or ending your evening with this one. The South Bank of the Thames has tons to see and do and the river looks gorgeous by evening view

As always, planning is the key to a fantastic Valentine’s Day. For instance, although there are loads of bars in London, it can be difficult to find something suitable off-the-cuff if you don’t live in the city, so do your research beforehand for romantic a day and night to remember forever.


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I've always loved St. Valentines Day. For the past two years  my fiancé  and I celebrated it in London, and we loved it here. London is so beautiful, romantic and has so much to offer. Here are a few things you could do on your romantic date this year.


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